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Normative leads the way for free emission accounting with Google.org Fellowship award

Normative, the world’s first emission accounting engine, has been selected for a Google.org Fellowship, the first to be awarded to a Swedish organisation. The Normative engine helps companies worldwide reduce their carbon emissions. With the Google.org Fellowship, Google will provide a team of 11 Google.org Fellows to work pro bono for 6 months to help Normative further develop the technical infrastructure powering the engine and offer it for free to small and medium businesses through the UN-backed SME Climate Hub.

 “We know that it’s especially challenging for small businesses to understand, measure and report emissions — that’s why we wanted to create a tool that would make it easier for everyone to participate in the race to zero,” says Kristian Rönn, CEO of Normative. “Having support from the Google.org Fellowship means we’ll be able to see this idea come to life faster, and reach more businesses sooner.”

Since 2014, Normative has helped humanity achieve net zero emissions. Normative’s emission accounting engine automates the process of measuring emissions to help business owners get a clear view of their direct and indirect emissions, as the first step toward reduction.  Today, the accounting engine uses more than 200,000,000 data points when calculating a company’s emissions, including unique scope 3 emission data.

 “Measuring carbon emissions accurately is essential if small businesses want to understand the impact of their actions,” said Jen Carter, Head of Technology & Volunteering at Google.org. “We’re thrilled to provide both funding and tech talent to help Normative build a solution that will make measurement more accessible.”

Normative is the first Swedish organization to receive a Google.org Fellowship. As part of the award, Google will provide a team of 11 Google employees who will join Normative full-time, pro bono for six months from October 1st. They’ll be supporting Normative’s goal of expanding access to the emissions engine and thereby empowering more companies to reduce their carbon emissions. This engagement will build on the €1M grant Normative received earlier this year through the Google.org Impact Challenge on Climate, which funds bold ideas that aim to use technology to accelerate Europe’s progress toward a greener, more resilient future.

This engine will be offered for free to small and medium businesses through the SME Climate Hub, an initiative from the UN Race to Zero and the International Chamber of Commerce encouraging small businesses to commit to Paris-aligned reduction targets and supporting them with resources and education.

 “We want to empower companies to kick-start their race-to-zero journeys. To do that, they need to understand exactly where their emissions are coming from. The accounting engine we’ve built at Normative gives the most comprehensive view of emissions on the market – including scope 3 supply chain emissions,” Kristian Rönn concludes.

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