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  • North East Buyer Seller Meet : The total value of coconut produced in North East is around 30 crores.

    Published on November 29, 2019

    By  Bhupen Goswami

    Guwahati : The first ever Buyer Seller Meet cum Seminar on Coconut food production was held in Guwahati today organised by Indian Chamber of Commerce and Coconut Development Board. The Mr Obed L, Director , Coconut Development Board in his Keynote spech mentioned that coconut from India fetches one of the highest prices compared to other commodities in the international markets. But there is no regulated market and processing plants as of now in the North Eastern India. Mainly Assam is the lead producer of coconut in the North East. Coconuts from Assam goes to places like Bhutan, Nepal, Bihar and all other North Eastern States. The total value of coconut produced in North East is around 30 crores. Coconut is mostly used in religious and festival purpose in the region and it’s other uses have not been explored yet. He advised for a Marketing Center in Guwahati where coconut can be marketed centrally in an organised manner.

    Mr Abdul Jalil Asst. Direcctor, Department of Horticulture , Govt of Assam who was also present in the Seminar highlighted the initiatives taken by his department in a project in collaboration with Coconut Development Board in last two years. They have utilised this 4 crore project in development of Nursury , Distribution of Sapplings and training the farmers. Dr Binod Kumar Yadav, Professor and Hod of Indian Institute of Food Processing hhighlighted on various variouus value added products specially nutraceuticals that can be produced from Coconut. The coconut water which is a very popular drink in the region can be preserved and can be marketed with higher shelf life. Various prodcts lke vinegar, Vitamin B12 etc also can be extracted from coconut with the help of right technology.

    He offered all the support in terms of tranfer of technology which can be utilised in making value added products from coconut. Dr P K Mahanta, Director , Department of Horticulture , Govt of Assam elaborated on various aspects of initiatives taken by Govt of Assam in coconut production. Assam produces around 10 lakhs of nuts every year with every tree producing around 60 nuts per annum. The production of nuts per tree in other parts of the country is around 75 nuts per annum and he expects to reach this rate of production with the use of high yeild varities. Smt Deepthi Nayar S, Deputy Director of Coconut Development Board says that coconut tree is called kalpabriksha because of it’s numerous Ayurvedic and health benefits. The main objective of this Buyer Seller Meet is to introduce the varous value added products to the people of North East who has not seen this kind of products.

    Giving an exaple she mentioned that Neera Suger which is very high in minerals can be extracted from coconut which has numerous benefits like diabetic patients, Alzeimer patients, Thyroid patients etc. There is also a lot of wastage of coconut by products whch can fetch high value in the market. She gave an exaple how eco friendly plates can be manufactured which can be manufactured from coconut shell. Companies in USA like Pepsi, Coco Cola have introduced healthy coconut drinks with global branding. Right now they are importing this products from counntries like Indonesi a and Phillipines whereas India can also be a major producer. Virgin coconut oil and capsules which are now mostly produced by some South India based companies helps in boosting the immunity system of the body. Smt Deeepthi Nayar deeply thanked Indian Chamber of Commerce for Organising this Seminar cum Buyer Meet for the first time in North Eastern part of India and hoped that it will enhance the awareness on Coconut production and value added production in North East. The meeting saw participation from various stakeholders like entrepreneurs, Govt officilals , buyers and sellers. In Buyer Seller meet companies from rest of India interacted with various business delegation from North East with a meaningfull business discussion.