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  • Monday, January, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:16:21
  • Francis Kurkdjian, the veteran perfumer once said “Perfume is the art that makes memory speak” and that’s exactly what The Perfumatory is doing with their one of a kind, bespoke fragrances.

    The beautiful blends give you hints of vintage luxury. Each fragrance is designed and curated to evoke a feeling, an emotion, a memory – old or new. This is where The Perfumatory stops being just another indie perfume brand and transcends into a space that’s personal and close to the wearer. This is probably why, it’s created a remarkable space for itself as quickly as it has, it’s simply unforgettable.

    “While the perfume stays on you, the memories and emotions stay with you. Nostalgia is comforting without a doubt, it’s simple but strong. Channeling that, our blends are made of simple citrusy, floral, leathery, sweet and spicy notes – these are simple scents but they’re omnipresent and timeless. Individually, they are as real as us and life, but when you mix these notes together they create a magical experience”, says Jay Vira – the man behind the brand.

    Jay further adds, for him it was never a matter of just having a perfume brand, it was about sharing his love and knowledge of fragrances with people who understand and appreciate good fragrances. This is why he makes and curates his own blends, customizing them to people’s preferences. He believes in the sacredness of small numbers and his inventory is often a small batch, this is how he’s maintained the quality and authenticity of his handcraftery.

    When not in his studio, creating his magic potions (pun intended) he’s often found educating his audience about his fragrances, their best use and their ingredients – at exhibitions, expos and on the brand’s Instagram. He believes in complete transparency and won’t sell a bottle just because he has to, he goes beyond the mundaneness of marketing – he guides buyers to choose blends that they need, and as per seasonal suitability.

    Besides his hard-to-miss blends like Citrus Leather, Oriental Floral, Fruity Jasmine and Tobacco Vanilla Intense that’ve won over style bloggers, celebrated public figures and other perfume enthusiasts, Jay also crafts exclusive, limited edition blends as per specific needs on request. Although just launched this year, The Perfumatory has already been featured as one of the must-haves by many popular and upcoming style bloggers from different cities…many of whom swear for its longevity, quality and luxe experience. It won’t be wrong to say it’s been a sensation this year!

    The best part and another reason why people keep coming back to Jay and The Perfumatory, in addition to the beauty of the fragrance itself –  is the price point. These rich, hard-to-miss, decadent scents don’t burn a hole in your wallet. “I create exclusive perfumes but don’t believe in exclusivity of access”, states Jay.

    We found The Perfumatory on digital creator “Supaarwoman” aka Supriya’s Instagram story, where she raved about the two custom scents that were exclusively made for her.

    And now, The Perfumatory is certainly on our list of must-haves. Should be on yours too, not just for it’s recommended by some of the coolest people you know but for the beautiful scents.

    Don’t take our word for it, let your nose be the judge, it knows!


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