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  • Notion Press’ new book by Ajay Kumar is about a boy’s ascent up the corporate pyramid

    Published on February 8, 2019

    Is your career on track? Can employees emulate the rules that make business owners succeed? How do you navigate through twists and turns at work? How do you treat your workplace? Is it paradise or a warzone? Corporates don’t train their employees on handling softer aspects of career management. Employees have to learn this along the way.

    Take a peek into the life of a young lad, Manas, a budding business graduate who starts as an intern and climbs the corporate pyramid despite being from a humble background in this work of fiction. The book, which is based on the author’s thirty-year-experience in the corporate world, reveals the secrets that Manas needed to learn and unlearn to get to the top and about the bunch of well-wishers who helped him along the journey.

    It is common knowledge that corporate employees go through training sessions in their office to build their careers. But, the most effective training sessions are the ones where seasoned seniors share their own experiences. It highlights the challenges, the dilemmas, the confusions, the grudges, the successes, the failures and everything that came along with it.

    Whether it is handling difficult bosses at the workplace, or managing talent, or building your brand, or getting through the pains of bad appraisals or sustaining the leadership position, you name it; everyone will face challenges. The objective of this book is to help the reader navigate through them. The book also contains tips on how one needs to conduct oneself in the workplace when faced with tough situations and make the most of the opportunity.

    Ajay Kumar, an ex-partner of a Big Four consulting firm, authors this book. After spending about 30 years in the profession, he decided to pen down this story.  This book attempts to share what Ajay has gained through the years, albeit in a fictional way, but based on real-life incidents. Despite being a fictional journey, the book is definitely a sneak-peek into the many shades of the corporate world and acts as a guide to the corporate fresher.

    The book can be purchased on e-commerce websites Amazon, Flipkart, Notionpress.com, and others.