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  • Nourishing Biologicals’ Dr. George Sadowski Tells Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland Why Its Skin Care Line is Most Advanced on the Market

    Published on August 26, 2020

    SAINT AUGUSTINE – Nourishing Biologicals Chief Medical Officer and CEO, Dr. George Sadowski, M.D., appearing on the Fox Business and Bloomberg Television show ‘Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland reports how his company’s skincare products are “exceeding expectations,” seconded by Ireland herself.

    “My focus has always been about helping people live their best and healthiest lives,” Dr. Sadowski explained to ‘Worldwide Business’ correspondent Janna Burgess. “I’m so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to share Nourishing Biologicals on such a highly regarded program.”

    With a background in bioscience,  Dr. Sadowski discussed the formulas behind Nourishing Biologicals skincare products, in which all of them are Pharmaceutical Grade and sourced organically whenever possible. 

    “Our products decrease redness and inflammation, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, remove dark spots and blotches of the skin to make the skin look healthy and rejuvenized,” Dr. Sadowski told Burgess. “We’ve developed the science behind beautiful skin.”

    To conclude the interview, Dr. Sadowski announced that new Nourishing Biologicals products will be released in the near future. One of their products he spoke about was a scar revision cream, which softens, lightens, and repairs scars caused by injury or surgery.


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