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NSDC International Limited and Zenken Corporation Partner to Provide Training and Employment Opportunities for Indian Candidates in Japan

 New Delhi : NSDC International Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Skill Development Corporation, signed an Agreement with Zenken Corporation, a Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market and engaged in the recruitment services businesses for IT professionals, specified skilled workers and supporting them during employment. This partnership aims to bridge the skills gap for providing employment opportunities to Indian youth in Japan and promote cultural exchange between the two nations.

Under this agreement, NSDCI will identify, and screen candidates based on the job descriptions provided by Zenken for their clients. The identified candidate will undergo rigorous training in Japanese language and skills, ensuring their readiness for employment in Japan. Both the parties will work together to ensure optimal placement outcomes for Indian candidates in different sectors and will support the candidates during the overall value chain from pre-screening, training, interviews, visa support to post employment support.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Ved Mani Tiwari, CEO, NSDC & MD, NSDC International said, “We are thrilled to partner with Zenken to provide comprehensive training and employment opportunities for India’s youth. At NSDCI, we understand the importance of skill development in bridging the gap for successful global employability. This collaboration marks a significant step towards promoting cultural exchange and strengthening bilateral relations between India and Japan. Through rigorous language and skills training, we aim to empower our candidates with the necessary expertise to excel in the Japanese work environment. We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition and continued support for our candidates, making their dreams of working in Japan a reality.”

On Japan side, Zenken mentioned that this business alliance will recruit, train and dispatch candidates who have studied at the residential full time training program in Japanese language and on specified skilled nursing care in cooperation with Zenken. Zenken and NSDCI will also cooperate in introducing and providing employment opportunities to Japanese companies for highly specialized human resources needed in various industries. As a first step, Zenken Corporation aims to create 220 jobs for Indian personnel in Japan by 2025.

NSDCI will also play a crucial role in verifying candidates’ identity documents and educational certificates prior to admission into the program. NSDCI will establish a training centre for Japanese language classes and provide Japanese language and skill training, as per the requirements of Zenken’s clients. Pre-departure orientation programs will also be conducted to familiarize candidates with the culture and work environment in Japan.

To enhance the candidates’ proficiency, NSDCI will incorporate supplementary curricula proposed by Zenken, focusing on Japanese language fluency and technical knowledge.

Furthermore, NSDCI will extend its support to candidates by assisting them in preparing the necessary documents for Certificate of Eligibility, and visa applications, for their journey to Japan. Once in Japan, candidates will receive continued support ensuring a smooth transition into their new work environment.

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