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  • NSUI Leader Ajay Sharma Is Fierce & Never Shys Away From Raising His Voice Against Anything Wrong!

    Published on March 23, 2021

    Years ago, it was said that India has one of the top countries with highest number of youth population. People were talking about how it will help in the better development of the country. While it’s true that we already have lots of entrepreneurs and people excelling in different careers, what we need is young politicians. But thanks to people like Ajay Sharma, we get to know that today’s generation is  interested in Political matters too.
    Ajay Sharma is an NSUI leader from Uttarakhand’s Haldwani city. At the age of 24, he has become an inspiration to work hard, not only for people of his generation but also the older. From his teenage days, Ajay had great interest in learning about society and politics. He aimed to be a leader one day and work for people. That is exactly what he is doing now.  

    Last year in October, Ajay Sharma was welcomed in the NSUI with much excitement. The moment he joined the party, Sharma started working  for several social campaigns at Delhi University to spread the wareness about safety and precautions during the pandemic. He also helped a lot of people with food and other needs who had suffered during the lockdown and pandemic. 

     Ajay Sharma is one of those fearless youth who doesn’t shy away from raising his voice. He believes that it is important to speak up when something around is happening wrong. As a citizen of the country and as a political figure, he says that it is his duty to stop wrong practices. A few weeks ago, rhe NSUI leader talked about the 100 crore grant that is now stopped in 18 high schools or colleges in Uttarakhand. Sharma raised the concerned about how stopping the grant will cause trouble in paying the teachers and the staff. 
    Ajay Sharma says that he wants to inspire more people of his generation to join politics. The NSUI leader says, “Today’s youth is powerful, they speak up when something is wrong. For the progress of out country, it is necessary to have young minds. So I want to encourage more and more people of my age group to join politics because it is only us who have the power in future to make India the best.”