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  • Nucleus Software Revolutionizes Software Development with Pioneering CICD and ATDD, Setting New Industry Standards in the Fintech Space

    Published on December 8, 2023

    Nucleus Software, a leading provider of lending and transaction banking solutions to the global financial services industry and listed on both BSE and NSE, has announced a ground breaking shift by adopting Acceptance Test-Driven Development  moving in the direction of continuous integration and eventually continuous delivery. By doing this, Nucleus is adopting proven principles of Lean manufacturing in software development for the banking technology sector.

    This strategic move aims to redefine software development methodologies by reducing the release cycle by 40% while ensuring seamless alignment between software solutions and end-user requirements.

    Leading the Fintech Frontier

    In a significant stride, Nucleus Software has set a forward-looking strategy to future-proof their core products, FinnOne NeoTM and FinnAxiaTM, ultimately enhancing the development and implementation experience, making it is among one of the first fintech companies in India to embrace this innovative approach.

    Here is how CICD and ATDD are going to enable Financial Institutions:

    Efficient Testing:

    •            Time and Cost Savings by elimination of manual regression testing helps financial institutions deploy updates faster and more efficiently.

    •            Aims to mitigate production risks and enhance reliability and stability in the project lifecycle process.

    Enhanced Collaboration:

    •            Breaking Down Silos: Improved communication across teams ensures that software development aligns with customer expectations.

    •            Collaboration between product teams and customers increases significantly while defining the acceptance criteria for ATDD

    Accelerated pace of value realisation by customers

    •            Shorter release cadences

    •            Enabling the “Lean-Flow” principle by implementing as CI (Continuous Integration) will assist us with swift end-to-end deliveries.

    Vishnu R Dusad, MD and Co-founder of Nucleus Software, emphasizes the strategic importance of this move, stating, “CICD and ATDD is not just a methodology; it’s a testament to our proactive stance, ensuring a seamless, enhanced experience. This marks a significant stride in our journey, reinforcing our commitment to setting new industry standards with precision, speed and an unyielding focus on customer satisfaction.”

    “We started learning about Lean IT concepts in a companywide tech initiative last year called ‘Power of Flow’ indicating the pull of inventory in Lean manufacturing being applied to software development. So far, we have spent around six months with four large scale teams to implement this path breaking methodology while ensuring seamless customer delivery. As a financial technology company we constantly evolve to stay ahead of the curve, and to this purpose we believe in strategically refining our software development approach.” he further added.

    Nucleus Software’s dedication to meeting evolving customer demands remains unwavering. The user-centric nature of Lean IT aligns development efforts closely with customer needs, ensuring a uniform customer experience.

    In the broader context of the financial technology landscape, Nucleus Software’s innovative CICD and ATDD initiative—which the company has named ‘Power of Flow’ aligns with the dynamic evolution of fintech and financial services. The constant evolution of the financial services landscape demands robust and agile solutions, and advancements like CICD and ATDD play a pivotal role in achieving this. By embracing these innovations, Nucleus Software positions itself as a leader at the forefront of reshaping financial services, driving the financial technology landscape forward with a deep understanding of market needs and sets new quality standards.

    Future Goals:

    With the adoption of CICD and ATDD, Nucleus Software aims to raise the bar for lending tech by 50% in the next 18 months, reinforcing the robustness and adaptability of their solutions. Nucleus Software remains steadfast in its dedication to continual advancement, solidifying its role as a key player in the ever-evolving fintech industry.


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