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  • Office Supplies Every Effective CEO Has In Their Office

    Published on January 11, 2019

    Leadership is both an art and science. It takes time to develop an effective leadership style. However, there are things that are often overlooked but play a major role in the execution of duties in an office. There are office supply items that shouldn’t miss out in a chief executive officer’s drawer. If they do, it will greatly affect the effectiveness of the office.

    You should think of things that will make your office runs smoothly. The items range from office supplies to furniture. Here are some essential office supplies that will make your office efficient.

    1. Desk supplies

    This involves real basics. The basics that you will need as you execute your daily tasks. They include paper clips, highlighters, pens, scissors, tape and more. They are often taken for granted but they are usually necessary to get work done. They will enable you to be creative and carry on with your daily activities effectively.

    2. Technology

    Obviously, you won’t miss out a laptop computer or desktop in a CEO’s office as much as they might have powerful phones or tablets. A computer enables a person to launch advanced proprietary software that can’t be launched on a mobile phone. Computers also serve as a backup plan for documents and other sensitive data that you might in some other place. While at it, a printer and routers will serve you well alongside your computer.

    3. Organizational supplies

    Great CEOs have one thing in common; they are organized. Some office supply items such as binding rings, staplers and more will help you be organized in the office. They will keep printouts and other documents together. Folders also go along in keeping safe your personal files and legal documents.

    4. Stationery and mailing supplies

    At some point, you will need to send a mail. It could be an invoice, payment, paychecks, or promotional offers. In that case, you will need something to send the mails in. At that point, you will need envelopes stocked up in your office.

    5. Hanging supplies

    The supplies for hanging will make your office more appealing by using pushpins and thumbtacks to hang your art, signage and more on your wall. It says a lot about how organized you are.

    6. Paper

    Obviously, you will need paper to write on and print on. Notepads, notebooks, sticky notes, as well as paper, won’t miss out in a serious office. Have plenty of paper for your copier and printer. Of course, you will need enough ink and toner for your printer and copier.

    7. Calendar or planner

    Senior executives in a company are busy people. Anything that can help them keep track of their time is very welcome. As much as you might have a calendar on your phone that is synchronized to your office calendar, you will still need a planner or calendar that will help you see things visually in relation to other things which are going on. Successful executive members have planners or calendars hanged on their walls to help them keep track of their deadlines, appointments, as well as to-do-list items. If you don’t have one of those items, it is probably part of the reasons why you’re not as successful as you should be in what you do.

    8. Furniture and storage

    CEOs invest heavily in their office’s furniture and storage items. The type of office furniture you get will determine the effectiveness of your working environment. It is always a good idea to go for that comfortable chair as well as a highly functional desk. The items will give your office a more professional feel. Additionally, an office needs a storage system that will enable filing away of your folders.

    Some office supplies are essential for everyone having an office

    You could be an accountant, an engineer, or even a CEO. Provided you hold an office that serves people and the interests of the company, you will have the above-mentioned supplies and even more. If you pay a CEO a visit to his or her office, you will notice they have all they need to execute their roles in the drawer or in the office. It will be lacking of a CEO not to have simple things, such as binding rings and folders. Therefore, if you have an office, ask yourself, do I have everything I need to do my work well in the office? If the answer to the question is no, think about what you don’t have and go for it.