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  • Tuesday, March, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:29:56
  • Entrenched in social and conservation principles, Taj Safaris marks fifteen years of celebrating local culture and tribal heritage to create a sustainable tourism model. With wildlife luxury lodges located in some of the world’s most renowned National Parks in India and Nepal, Taj Safaris seeks to offer immersive experiences to travellers while enabling livelihoods for neighbouring communities with historic ties to forests.

    Travellers to Panna National Park can now gain a deeper understanding of forest life accompanied by a member of the Pardhi tribe – a nomadic hunting tribe whose knowledge of the land is as ancient as time. ‘Walk with the Pardhis’, a pioneering program introduced at Pashan Garh, celebrates the Pardhi’s understanding of the forests and helps them leverage their knowledge to protect their fragile ecosystem, while creating a new livelihood for the tribe. The Taj Safaris lodges at Kanha National Park and Mahua Kothi at Bandhavgarh National Park collaborate with the Gonds, one of the world’s largest tribal groups, and the Baiga community, respectively, to preserve the century-old heritage of local art including folk dances, songs and paintings. The lodges offer a platform to retail works of the unique art form to visiting guests, which the tribal community relies on for income.

    Built on a sustainable tourism model, Taj Safaris, India’s first and only luxury wildlife circuit offers an unmatched and authentic wilderness experience in the midst of some of the most renowned National Parks in India and Nepal.