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  • One dead, 30 injured as Gaiman India’s JICA water supply main pipeline bursts in Guwahati

    Published on May 26, 2023

     Bhupen Goswami 

    Guwahati: A woman, including two children, was killed and 30 others injured when a JICA water pipeline of Gammon India exploded in Assam’s Guwahati, police said on Sunday. A flood-like situation has arisen due to the sudden bursting of the pipeline. Many vehicles are seen flowing in the flow of water. A strange sea was seen in Guwahati, Assam. Here the water supply pipe of the municipal corporation exploded. The incident took place in Guwahati’s Kharguli area.

    A woman, including two children, died in the incident. Many people have also been injured. There was a stir in the area after the pipeline burst. Water supply service has come to a standstill. Locals have accused the administration of dereliction of duty. A horrific incident took place in The Kharguli area of Guwahati when a Gammon JICA water supply main line pipe burst, resulting in a devastating water outbreak. Several vehicles were washed away and around 400 houses destroyed due to the explosion. Sadly, a person identified as Sumitra Rabha lost his life in this incident. She was a resident of one of the affected houses. More than 600 persons were directly affected by the water flow, in which about 30 persons were injured. The injured were immediately rushed to nearby hospitals for treatment. Officials including police and Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) immediately responded to the situation.

    Police have cordoned off the affected area and launched an investigation to ascertain the cause of the explosion. Meanwhile, the GMDA has assured the affected residents that water supply will be restored in the area at the earliest. After the incident, the affected people have expressed anger and disappointment. They are demanding adequate compensation from GMDA to compensate for the huge damage caused to their properties. In response to the devastating incident that took place in Guwahati’s Kharguli area, where the main line pipe supplying Gamon JICA water burst, causing significant damage and loss of life.


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