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  • ONE ROAR is ready to launch its first ever wireless earbuds DENX45 TWS

    Published on March 28, 2022

     We are living in an era where we are always glued to some screen or we want to multitask. An ear piece has become a kind of necessity in our lives. From youngsters to the elderly, we are all now habitually using earpieces.

    ONE ROAR is going to launch the DENX45 TWS EARBUDS, its first TWS earbuds. The earbuds are all set to be launched at the end of the month of April. ONE ROAR has revealed the first look of its first ever wireless earbuds- DENX45 TWS EARBUDS.

    The look of the product is quite stylish. The earbuds have a strong aluminium alloy charging case of dark silver color with a sleek and stylish design. The charge case can also be seen with an LED display on it to indicate the battery charge percentage. The earbuds look lightweight and futuristic in black color.

    The company, ONE ROAR was established by a young entrepreneur, Kaushik Ramaraju. He is 23 years of age. ONE ROAR recently launched the wired earphones DEN200, on E-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. The company focuses on selling its products on D2C platforms and aims to provide the best quality products and after-sales service.

     The CEO, Kaushik Ramaraju, is quite confident that the DENX45 TWS EARBUDS are going to impress the consumers highly. The company is now going to focus on launching wireless products, which will be stylish and loved by the GEN-Z and millennials.

    All the many features of ONE ROAR’s new DENX45 TWS EARBUDS are yet to be disclosed but few things are ensured by the company.

    Excellent sound

    The way that the earbuds are wireless doesn’t imply that they won’t give you the best quality sound. ONE ROAR wireless earbuds are great and produce the best quality sound. There are numerous features in earbuds that accompany water resistant, voice assistant. The sound quality is great and will make you groove.

    They are affordable and stylish

    ONE ROAR Wireless earbuds look stylish and sophisticated. They are sporty in look and design. They are made in such a way that they will remain firm when you are working out. You will love their looks even if you are a casual user of earbuds. They are also affordable, despite their stylish looks and nature.

    If you want quality at an affordable price, the ONE ROAR DENX45 wireless earbuds should be your first choice once they are released.


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