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OneEarth Foundation Hosted NatureMiles Awareness Walk and Cleanup Drive for International Day of Biological Diversity

 In celebration of the International Day of Biological Diversity, OneEarth Foundation successfully hosted the #NatureMiles Awareness Walk, a recreational educational event designed to foster a deeper connection with nature and promote environmental stewardship. The event was held on 22nd May 2024 from 7 am to 10 am around the scenic Batim Lake in North Goa, a paradise for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. Batim Lake, surrounded by serene paddy fields and the charming village of Batim, attracts a diverse array of bird species from far and wide, making it the perfect backdrop for raising awareness about Goa’s rich biodiversity and the importance of protecting our natural ecosystems.

The walk was led by young botany graduate and bird enthusiast, Aidan Fonseca, Project Assistant at OneEarth Foundation. The event brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds to experience the natural beauty of Batim Lake, observe local flora and fauna, network with like-minded individuals, and gain a deeper appreciation for the environment beyond Goa’s beaches. Emphasizing the critical role biodiversity plays in maintaining ecological balance, the NatureMiles walk also included a cleanup drive around Batim Lake to help participants understand the impact of waste on natural habitats and promote a shift towards more sustainable behaviors. This hands-on activity aligned with the foundation’s broader goal of fostering mindful consumption, correct waste disposal, and adherence to the 5R framework are Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Repair and Recycle.

“We are part of nature, and nature is part of us. Sometimes we get disconnected from this truth of life, so it’s important that at times we give in to the call of the wild, and immerse ourselves into the beauty of our planet earth,” said Mr. Ferdin Sylvester, Founder & Director of OneEarth Foundation.

“Committed to hosting a near-zero waste event, we encouraged participants to bring their non-plastic water bottles, and refreshments consisted of locally sourced fruits from a nearby vendor. During the event, we raised awareness about the importance of home composting, waste segregation at the source, and the implementation of circular systems in waste management. We showcased OneEarth’s efforts in intercepting low-value plastic waste from reaching seas and landfills and transforming it into functional products. Additionally, participants were encouraged to join us in future workshops for government schools and colleges, promoting environmental education and sustainable practices among the youth.” Ferdin added.

Everyone enjoyed celebrating the International Day of Biological Diversity and took a step towards a sustainable future. Together, we made a significant impact on preserving our natural heritage and promoting sustainable living practices.

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