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OneEarth Foundation’s Earth Day 2024 Philanthropic Initiative Transforming Waste into Opportunity

Goa  – To commemorate Earth Day 2024 and contribute to a cleaner environment, OneEarth Foundation is donating study tables and benches made from segregated low-value plastic waste collected during the 30-day Drive Against Plastic Pollution (DAPP) campaign to an underprivileged school in a slum near Old Goa. The campaign, aimed at combating plastic pollution and promoting sustainable practices, sensitized over 1300 individuals and students, collected 1.4 tonnes of waste, conducted 59 workshops & clean-up drives and paddled 120 km along the Goa coastline. This initiative, beyond being a symbolic gesture, embodies OneEarth Foundation’s core principles rooted in circular economy practices.  It believes in closing the loop by sustainably managing waste, contributing to a more environmentally conscious society.

Moving forward, OneEarth Foundation’s focus is on government schools, differently-abled schools, and underprivileged institutions, where resources and opportunities are limited.  The Foundation aims to deliver engaging climate education workshops and programs to empower these communities with knowledge and tools for environmental conservation.

Ferdin Sylvester, Founder of OneEarth Foundation said, “We strongly believe in the power of conscious communities and holistic systems, which is evident in every action we take. Today, we take pride in our contribution to these young minds by providing benches made from zero-value waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfills or oceans. They grasped the impact of waste on their lives and have now transitioned from lacking even a basic dustbin to actively segregating waste in their school. It’s immensely satisfying to know that our organization has truly made a positive difference in their lives. Going forward our focus areas encompass implementing a circular model through recycling, educating youth on climate resilience, promoting mangrove restoration, and collaborating with coastal communities, including fisherfolk, to eradicate ghost gear and other plastic waste.”

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