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  • Sunday, August, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:51:06
  • HONG KONG: — For its campaign #CAMON12#CtheWorld Best Photography, the Global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobile (www.TECNO-Mobile.com) continues making more than millions of views and likes over the globe. A large number of professional photographers appeared in the campaign with very nice photographic works and shared their experience of using CAMON 12 for photography, covering around 4,770,000 followers and with nearly 20,000 deep engagement. These numbers never cease to increase at an exponential rhythm.


    This campaign has been pushed to the climax by a photography camp from Nigeria. 24 mobile photography lovers selected from the #CAMON12#CtheWorld Best Photography Campaign participants were invited to put their skillset to test the photography by a series of task, activities and evictions to more engaged into the joy of photography.


    Christopher Michael Brown, the world renowned photo journalist, who centered around the 2011 Libyan Revolution and record the war with a phone camera, was presented at the camp to guide the contestants and avail them of mentorship tips.


    “I was particularly interested in this camping process because I really do love sharing images and sharing my experience in the world with younger folks, to sort of give them inspiration and help them along the path,” said Michael, “I got to say, coming around into these workshops, this is really one of my passions working with kids. Being here these past couple of days and just seeing them blossom, seeing their excitement for photography, moving all over the place, running places so that they could get a shot. And I was not disappointed by the outputs of the unlockers, their photos were all full of energy and inspiration.”


    Starting his photography career with National Geographic Magazine 15 years ago, Michael has since there been a contributor freelancer. When the Libyan Revolution broke out in 2011, Michael was traveling and he was still a photographer who had always been focused on nature and travel. He went to Libya right away, and brought his professional camera equipment, which was dead one week later. He filmed the war by his phone and record his experience of that age-old desire to get as close as possible to a conflict, detailed through phone camera photographs. This experience changed his life, he began the photography as quest to understand the Libyan war while ended as a search to discover something about war and something about himself—perhaps a certain definition of life and death.


    And it is the experience which made him a big proponent of mobile photography. “You know the biggest advantage is that you can forget about the science, the math and the camera. You can forget about all the controls. You can really focus on the creative process and focus on what you are photographing, you know, the experience you are having while you are photographing. So, I found that, no matter how well I know a camera, my lens, my equipment, that everyday that I use it, I still have to think about it while I’m using it. Whereas with a phone, you don’t have to really think about the phone once you know where the button is. You just hit that one button, and I love that freedom that it gives you to explore.” And talking about TECNO CAMON 12, Michael commented: “TECNO Camon12 has really amazing colors. I really love the colors the phone camera has, you know, the greens, the reds. And at the market during the camp, that really came through. And the skin tones as well, are super beautiful, which in the past, can be complicated with other phone cameras. I was really impressed by that.”


    Now, #CAMON12#CtheWorld Best Photography Campaign is counting down to the end, never to miss the last opportunity to log in https://bit.ly/34bXZq7, find the Unlock the #CAMON12#CtheWorld Best Photography Campaign post and click the link to participate. Have fun and stay tuned for more…