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  • Oommen Chandy- A Manmohan Singh in the making

    Published on May 16, 2011

    By Geetha V P

    Oommen Chand

    Though he has been unanimously proposed by the elected UDF representatives to lead the Government, Oommen Chandi looks much worried.  His worry is not of the strong opposition led by a much contended and determined V S Achuthanandan, but his own coalition companions and party colleagues.

    Chandy knows it well, the threat from within would be graver, for the disgruntled elements would leave no stone unturned to upset his apple cart.  There are many within the Congress with ruffled feathers. Though the KPCC president Ramesh Chennithala had bowed down to the diktat of the High Command and present a passive posture, he could not be taken for granted.   Though many vouch, the KPCC chief did not harbor any intention lead the government at any point of time, it was evident from his well guarded media responses during the campaign and even during the post poll discussions that Ramesh  was in the fray with an agenda, to lead the government  if  UDF voted to power.  But the election outcome jeopardized his long cherished aspiration.  The defeat of couple of members of Rahul brigade, particularly that of Benny from Chalakudy, made all the difference. Benny, handpicked by the Rahul Gandhi, had to taste the ignominious defeat   and it was in fact a personal blow for the omnipotent Congress leader. Benny did not mince words to blame the state congress leadership for his defeat.  Any reasonable intelligence would understand from Benny’s words the ire of the Gandhi.

    V S Achuthanandan

    Similarly,  Shafi Parambil who won with an impressive margin in the just concluded assembly poll  had,  while talking to the scribes  sarcastically said that many of the state congress leaders were “surprised” at his victory.

    It is clear, the discontent brewing within the young brigade was well considered by the party high command while deciding on the Chief Minister ship and this was conveyed to the state chief in no uncertain and wisdom dawned on him to cap the claim.

    But the Machiavellian manipulator is unlikely to leave it at that.  While declaring that he was neither in the race for the post of chief minister, Ramesh stressed that he wanted to continue as state party chief.  In a guarded response he hinted that as party chief he would wield his powers.

    So, it is more than confirmed that Ramesh will act as a parallel power centre.

    Hibi Eden

    To compound the confusion further, members of the Rahul brigade have started airing their demands.  Hibi Eden, the young, charming youth congress leader who won with a comfortable margin, has suggested the party not to part with the education portfolio.

    Chandy cannot ignore the suggestions emanating from the empowered group, the Rahul Brigade.

    His coalition colleagues are also no less evils.  The wafer thin majority has given every one of them more bargaining power.  The single member parties like Kerala Congress (B), RSP (B) and Kerala Congress (Jacob) have already demanded prime portfolios like Health, Culture and Tourism.  Virendra Kumar’s Janata Dal may need two births, for both of the elected members, Mohan and Sreyams Kumar are equally “qualified”.

    Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) , the major  UDF partner with 20 MLAs is in no mood to settle below 5 ministerial berths. They stake claim for coveted departments like Revenue and Finance.

    K M Mani, the master manipulator, is adamant to have four of his members in the cabinet.  He also will not settle for any insignificant department.

    Ramesh Chennithala

    As per the provisions of the constitution the number of ministers should be restricted to 15% percent of the total strength of the House.  So, Chandy can have up to 21 ministers under him.  As per the demands from his coalition partners more than 14 of their members need to be accommodated in the ministry.

    Chandi has no options, but to submit to the partners if he wants to survive.  Just one member can do the trick.  With the election Speaker the effective voting strength of the UDF will come down to 71 which is the magical number for survival.

    In the current scenario, Chandi will prove another Manmohan Singh, under duress all the time, struggle for survival.


    2 Responses for “ Oommen Chandy- A Manmohan Singh in the making ”

    • Keshav Nayak says:

      Mr. Chandy is surely going to be another Manmohan Singh who will be controlled by the other small times within the UDF group. He will be unable to take any strong decesions for the betterment of Kerala. Another major factor is that he is not as popular with the masses as Mr. Achuthanandan. Ofcourse under pressure from Rahul Mr. Chandy will have to put up with newcomers like Hibi etc and it needs to be seen how will they perform.

    • Ajith says:

      A large number of keralites still have not come to terms or have not realised the fact that communism as a failed concept or has been abandoned…

      the focus of china and its ruling partys move towards industrialisation and market economy…and the move of china towards democracy…….if not looked seriously this reality will push every keralite backwards….for the current generation everyday is valuable..to succeed and grow….with progressive thoughts..

      understanding this reality is important to all keralites..whether they live in kerala or outside….time is valuable…with the highest literacy rate…with active involvement in politics..keralites still have given over importance to an abandoned concept…communism

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