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  • Saturday, December, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:21:33
  • WHAT:

    India Art Fair with Artdemic and Gujral Foundation have announced an OPEN CALL for the design of the India Art Fair 2022 facade.

    A prestigious opportunity for any artist, the work will be at the FOREFRONT of the much anticipated and India’s biggest art and culture event in Delhi to be held in February 2022.

    The theme for the open call is “DEEP FUTURE”. Not only will the work be shown at India Art Fair, but Artdemic will be sustainably reusing and repurposing the flex tents, giving them a life after the fair as well. Entries should engage with the question of how art and artists can shape the future, especially in light of social and climate disasters.

    What does the deep future look like to you? Do you see a thriving technological and rewilded planet? Is it fantastical and mythical? Or do you see a human-made ecological disaster? Or maybe, your future is one that could have been, had present-day prejudices and colonial hierarchies not existed? Will you illustrate solutions, or problems?

    WHEN: Artists should submit their work to [email protected] before 15 November at 11.59 pm IST.

    HOW: Each entry should include-

    • An artist statement (400 words)
    • A concept note (400 words)
    • A high-resolution PNG or PDF of your artwork saved as Future Flex_YourName_ArtworkName
    • 3-6 detail images of your artwork in PNG or PDF formats
    • 1 High resolution pdf or corel draw file in 1:10 ratio of the tent facade. Please download the schematic of the facade through https://artdemic.in/index.php/future-flex/

    The winner will be announced on 20 November and be on view for the world to see at the India Art Fair in February 2022. APPLY NOW!


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