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  • Wednesday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:35:40
  • TDI club retreat, Sonipat is organising “Free Cookery Classes” that are open for all on  24 April 2022 at TDI Club Retreat Kundli, Sonipat. Top chefs are marking their presence in the classes and will be sharing their secret food recipes with people interested in discovering the art of cooking.

    The idea behind the Free Cookery Classes is to break gender stereotypes and highlight that cooking is a basic intellectual life skill and not a gender assigned role for women. Organisers are encouraging more and more men to participate in the classes to show their solidarity toward gender equality and uproot socio-cultural prejudices.

    COO, Sahil Sharma,  TDI, said, “Cooking is an art but not considered so, by many and often just looked upon as a ‘daily chore’ done by women. While it is a ‘chore’ to be done daily, it is undoubtedly an art, and definitely not just for women. It requires knowledge, patience, intuition and skill. It can be a lot of fun too!

    The Free Cookery Classes are being organised with that purpose in mind. We hope the participants will enjoy the classes and the recipes that the top chefs would bring to them.”

    TDI Club Retreat has a restaurant, fitness centre, a bar and garden offering concierge services.


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