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  • OPPO Indialaunchesits Elevate Program to boost the start-up ecosystem in India

    Published on October 18, 2021

    • The program aims to inspire incubation activity to create a healthy ecosystem for entrepreneurs and the start-up cohort
    • OPPO Elevate will help the brand harness the power of innovation by extending a palatial platform for start-ups to collaborate

    Reiterating its vision to promote technology and innovation, OPPO India today launched the OPPO Elevate Program to stimulate entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, to come together, share different ideas for ‘virtuous innovations’. Through this program, OPPO aims to acceleratethe overall innovation culture in India and mentor start-ups who have the potential to bring the next big technological change in the industry.

    Througha robust partnership, the OPPO Elevate program will help young startups with thesome very interesting ideas to enter a fast-growing ecosystem of innovation. This program will offer professional advice, support, and opportunity to leverage OPPO’s products, resources, and distribution channels to take off their innovation along with investment opportunities.

    Commenting on this initiative, Mr Tasleem Arif,Vice President, India R&D Head, OPPO India, said, “It is an honour for me to lead such a big initiative by OPPO. The OPPO Elevate program is an extraordinary opportunity for us to meet and work with some of India’s most adventurous and talented young innovators. We believe in promoting beauty, imagination, and humanity via technology, and this program is the right fit for young innovators to show us their version of the same. Embodied by the mission of “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World”, OPPO Elevate will empower young innovators with solutions to make people life better every day.”

    As part of this program, OPPO India will be working with institutes, incubators, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to promote the exchange and integration of innovative technology research and development by providing a platform for start-ups to skill-up and grow. This platform will also give an opportunity to more entrepreneurs to work with OPPO in the futureon new concepts and technologies.OPPO has long believed in the power of the young generation and has a strong history of supporting young people to achieve their ambitions. The brand systematically develops and elevates start-ups and entrepreneurs working in areas specific to camera and image processing, battery, networks (5G), system performance, payments, Artificial Intelligence, and gaming. This program will help the brand push innovations in these sectors and bring new technology to the Indian market.

    OPPO is committed to the development of the country and recognizes that innovation and entrepreneurship are crucial for the future growth of the economy. The brand has also collaborated with the government of Kerala and Telangana to boost the start-up ecosystem in both states, as part of these collaborations, OPPO has beenconsistently developing and bridging start-ups and entrepreneurs working in areas specific to camera and image processing, battery, networks (5G), system performance, payments, Artificial Intelligence, and gaming.

    Recently OPPO has entered a year-long partnership with the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) to engage young social entrepreneurs to join efforts to address social sustainability issues through innovation. Through the initiative, OPPO will help young entrepreneurs develop their ideas and support them in playing a more influential role in the UN (United Nations) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Additionally, the brand also conducts OPPO tech innovation online roadshow inviting start-ups around the world to join the “Oppo 2021 Bridge World Virtual Roadshow” where they will get a chance to pitch their ideas, meet top investors and expanding their business internationally.


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