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  • Oracle Unveils Next-Generation Servers to Enhance Communications Services

    Published on September 7, 2010

    New Delhi : LExtending its leadership in the communications industry, Oracle announced the introduction of two new Sun Netra servers that help network equipment providers and communications service providers keep pace with rapidly growing demands for new services such as 3G- and 4G-wireless data and voice-over-IP.

    The Sun Netra servers expand Oracle’s complete, open and integrated portfolio of industry-leading software and hardware for the communications industry, including carrier-grade SPARC and x86-based blade and rack servers, storage and networking infrastructure.

    Sun Netra servers, combined with the Oracle Database 11g, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware, provide a comprehensive hardware and software foundation for communications infrastructure.

    Coupled with the mission-critical Oracle Solaris operating system, Sun Netra servers deliver extremely high reliability and scalability for running demanding communications services with 24×7 availability.

    Oracle’s Sun Netra CP3270 Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) blade server meets the increasing requirements for greater performance and memory-in-infrastructure networks while also maintaining a low power and thermal footprint to cut operating costs for mission-critical environments.

    Oracle’s Sun Netra X4270 AC and DC carrier-grade rack server features high performance and unprecedented density in a rugged, energy-efficient and compact form.

    Enhancing the performance of the previous generation of x86 ATCA blade servers, the Sun Netra CP3270 ATCA server is designed to enhance application performance while reducing the overall system power and cooling demands.

    The server has earned Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) level 3-certification, meeting stringent specifications for fire suppression, high temperature environments and vibration resistance for earthquakes.

    To help communications service providers maintain network efficiency as data usage continues to grow, the Sun Netra CP3270 ATCA supports 32GB of accessible memory through eight Dual In-line Memory Module (DIMM) slots.

    The server is easy to manage and runs Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux, OracleVM and other operating systems and virtualization infrastructure software.

    The Sun Netra X4270 doubles computing resources and reduces system power and cooling requirements over previous generation systems, helping improve network cost efficiencies.

    The server’s 18 DIMM slots make it ideally suited for memory-intensive applications, such as Oracle TimesTen In-Memory database, and support for eight central processing unit (CPU) cores doubles the number of compute threads when compared to previous Sun Netra x86 servers.

    The Sun Netra X4270 is NEBS level 3-certified, reducing risk for mission-critical workloads.

    The server is easy to manage and runs Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux, OracleVM, and other operating systems and virtualization infrastructure software.

    Sun Netra CP3270 ATCA Server DetailsSun Netra X4270 Server Details

    Supporting Quotes

    “Communications service providers are under constant pressure to increase operational efficiency and maximize revenue. Coupled with our number-one position in communications software, Oracle’s new Sun Netra servers are designed to deliver greater performance and memory capacity while lowering power consumption and overall cost,” said Dan Ford, vice president of product marketing, Oracle Communications.

    “Oracle’s Sun Netra carrier-grade servers are a key component of our service provider solutions, which run mission-critical applications like new converged services, media gateway controllers and subscriber data management. The Sun Netra servers provide high performance and energy efficiency, enabling us to deliver differentiated solutions cost effectively to our customers,” said Kumar Vishwanathan, vice president of engineering and chief architect, Sonus Networks.

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