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  • Organic Madhya Pradesh is using AI and New Technologies to Transform Madhya Pradesh into A Leader of Organic Farming

    Published on July 28, 2021

    India is a leading agricultural nation in the world. In terms of ranking on the basis of farm outputs, India holds second place globally and Indians are proud of their agricultural roots that date back right to the Indus valley civilization. 

    In 2018 itself agriculture provided a source of income to more than 50% of the workforce in India and held a share of 17-18% of the GDP. However, with the overuse of chemical-based fertilizers, farmers are reportedly losing the productivity of their land. Organic farming is, therefore coming to the rescue as a widely accepted means of farming. 

    Leading on this front is “Organic Madhya Pradesh”, a brand that provides all the necessary services related to organic farming in Madhya Pradesh and is soon going to roll out it’s expertise to other states too.

    With the slogan of “Live a healthy life forever”, Organic Madhya Pradesh was set up as an innovative business model which will functionsimilar to a one-stop model for Organic Precision farming. Organic Precision farming involves the use of AI technology in farming for growing, nourishing, picking, and processing of all sorts of crops. 

    Organic Madhya Pradesh is fast gaining popularity for using global technology in farming based on European standards with a sole aim of providing organic precision farming techniques for the benefit of farmers.

    At Organic Madhya Pradesh, sustainable practices of farming are used and promoted that do not exhaust natural resources of any kind. Their farms produce a full line of medicinal plants and fresh produce year-round at the Polyhouses located in Madhya Pradesh. Essentially, they are a grower-owned processor adhering to industry-leading food safety and quality standards.

    Besides, they also have a service center where farmers can connect 24×7 for queries related to organic precision farming. They are well-known for their service and innovation in organic farming and they are alreadydelivering fresh produce from the farms to the tables of consumers. The vision behind the foundation of Organic MP is to transform the state of Madhya Pradesh into an organic farming state by providing a one-stop solution for organic farming under a single roof and promoting protective cultivation. Organic Madhya Pradesh also plans on becomingthe largest plant factory for fresh and nutritious produce in the state and rise among the market as the most preferred choice for organic food and organic plant-based extracts.

    But their efforts don’t stop at just organic farming. Observing the rising demand for soil-less cultivation from their clients, Organic MP has trained their teams for full scale polyhouse setups that nourish crops in a protected environment. Many of their projects are “work under progress” and will soon be commissioned in MP, Delhi, UP, Maharashtra, Gujarat and a few other states as well.

    Organic Madhya Pradesh has an objective to help local farmers with getting recognition for their agricultural products to global markets. They also wish to develop and consolidate as one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of high-quality jaggery, a product that is often viewed as a substitute to traditional sugar. Over the years, they have managed to create a strong network of happy clients that ensure repeated business and growth of business referrals.

    With true devotion to growing nutritious food and helping farmers with the latest technologies, Organic MP is giving end-to-end services: 

    + Soil and Water testing

    + Organic Farm Development

    + Soil-less cultivation

    + Protected Farming (Polyhouse Setups and Maintenance)

    + Contract Farming

    + Training & Workshops

    + Consultancy

    + Cold Storage Facility

    + Logistics and Distribution

    + Organic Certification Support

    To know more please contact them on their official number +919713374455, 9313364455 or you can also visit their website http://organicmp.com

    For Business Inquiries please write to them on [email protected]


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