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    Orientbell Tiles launches Anti – Viral tiles: kills more than 99% of the viruses in 2 hours

    Published on January 4, 2021

    New Delhi: Orientbell Tiles – a reputed name amongst the tile manufacturers of the country have launched the new Anti-Viral tiles. These tiles are the only tiles that restrict the spread of viruses on the surface and kill more than 99% of the viruses in 2 hours.

    With the ability to kill 99.5% of viruses or bacteria in 24 hours, these tiles ensure the floors & walls remain safe and germfree even between cleaning cycles and are used at large in hospitals, corporate restrooms or restaurants.

    Human precautions and cleaning cycles are subject to fallacy as the microbes spread faster through multiple skin – surface contacts. This results in the Anti – Viral tiles helping as the anti – microbial surface which works in between the human – cleaning cycles.

    Despite the sanitization process that is done, the germs can enter the surfaces and stay there till the next cleaning cycle. Anti – viral tiles serve as the medium to keep the germs and bacterias at the minimum and help in killing them to a large extent to prevent further spread or contamination.