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  • Orientbell Tiles Shows Gratitude To Our Homes With Their Bye-Bye 2020 Campaign

    Published on December 21, 2020

    New Delhi: Orientbell Tiles, a reputed name amongst the tile manufacturers of the country has launched the #ByeBye2020 campaign – showing gratitude to our homes for keeping us safe and being the space to be free during the most uncertain times of the year.

    People across the nation chose to define the year 2020 as the year of the pandemic. With the onset of the pandemic, people faced some of the biggest challenges – nationwide lockdown, loss of jobs, anxiety/ mental health issues, losing loved ones to COVID and so much more. Based on a survey done by OBL with over 250 people, half of the people felt that this was a bad year. But what kept the people going was the faith and trust that they are safe at their home. 

    Home is not just a place made of bricks and tiles but a place where everyone grew up with memories and shared real moments of happiness. The campaign celebrates the freedom we had at home, the new things we learnt, the old relationships we re-kindled, and the appreciation we got for our safe haven.

    To celebrate the end of this momentous year, Orientbell launches #ByeBye2020 Campaign. However the year has been, you can easily #wipeitclean with a #TileDance. This is the beginning of a new hope that the new year will be a bright & shiny year for our customers, stakeholders and everyone across the country.

    BYE-BYE 2020 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwkziNFbRas

    Website: www.orientbell.com