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  • Otipy Survey Shows 71.12% of Consumers Prefer Online Shopping for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

    Published on June 24, 2023

     New Delhi : Otipy, a leading agritech startup specializing in fresh fruits and vegetables, has conducted a survey that offers captivating insights into the changing shopping behaviors of consumers. The survey findings highlight a significant shift towards online platforms, with 71.12% of respondents expressing a preference for online shopping, emphasizing the need for seamless and efficient online experiences to meet their evolving needs.

    The survey showcases a remarkable transformation in the way people purchase fresh produce, with a staggering 78.21% of respondents favoring online platforms over physical stores. It reveals that online grocery shopping is gaining popularity due to more than just convenience. A striking 43.90% of participants believe that online platforms offer better quality fresh produce compared to traditional stores. This finding underscores the growing confidence in online sellers who prioritize delivering high-quality products to their customers.

    Furthermore, the survey sheds light on the increasing demand for healthier and sustainable options, as 43.12% of participants opt for organic or hydroponic fruits and vegetables. Additionally, 51.30% of respondents consider certification and traceability as highly important, indicating the significance of providing transparent information about the origin and quality of organic and hydroponic products.

    In terms of affordability, the survey reveals a relatively balanced preference between online and offline shopping, with 49.78% of people opting for online platforms and 50.22% choosing offline modes. Accurate weight measurement emerged as a critical factor for customers, with 29.44% trusting online platforms, 20.26% preferring offline stores, and 50.30% believing both options provide accurate weight measurements.

    Preferences in online shopping vary, as 63.85% of respondents opt for early morning delivery services like Otipy, Bigbasket, and Country Delight, while 36.15% favor platforms like Blinkit, Zepto, and Insta Mart that offer 15-30 minutes delivery. This distinction highlights consumers’ willingness to wait for superior product quality, favoring platforms that prioritize delivering fresh and high-quality produce rather than instant delivery.

    Varun Khurana, Founder and CEO of OTIPY, shared his thoughts on the survey findings, saying, “The survey has provided us with invaluable insights into the shopping habits and preferences of consumers. We are pleased to see the strong preference for online platforms, which validates the convenience and time-saving benefits online platforms offer. Moreover, the findings emphasize the importance of quality and accurate weight measurement in the online grocery shopping experience. We will continue to leverage these insights to enhance our offerings and ensure we meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.”

    Lastly, the trust and satisfaction of the customers truly flourish when they recommend their preferred online grocery platforms to others. According to the survey, an impressive 48.48% of respondents expressed a high likelihood of recommending their preferred online grocery platform to others, highlighting their confidence in the services provided.

    The survey provided valuable insights into consumer shopping habits and preferences, particularly in the realm of fresh fruits and vegetables. The findings indicate a strong preference for online platforms, and highlighted the growing popularity and convenience of online shopping in this category.


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