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Pacific Tagore Garden Wraps Up Successful The Great Indian Comic Book Festival

New Delhi  : Pacific Tagore Garden successfully culminated ‘The Great Indian Comic Book Festival’. The three-day extravaganza celebrated the rich legacy of Indian comics and left attendees with unforgettable memories.

The festival, which aimed to transport attendees back to the iconic era of Indian comics from the 90s, was met with enthusiastic participation from comic enthusiasts of all ages. Attendees immersed themselves in a plethora of engaging activities, including creating comic speech bubbles, adding colors to beloved superheroes, exploring Indian myths and legends, and crafting their superhero alter egos.

One of the highlights was the addition of the photo booth, which added an extra element of fun and excitement to the festival. Attendees captured their memorable moments during the festival. Another highlight was the Shelfebook Exhibit, which showcased a diverse collection of comic books from renowned publishers Raj Comics and Diamond Comics.

Aanshul Verma, Chairman and Managing Director, Diamond Comics, said, “Outdoor interactive events are a great way to engage with our fans, readers, and collectors. Children are the real stars and brand ambassadors. Our 66 famous original cartoon characters, Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Pinki, Shaktimaan, and Motu Patlu, resonate with the length and breadth of India and have made us the world’s largest-selling comics.”

Interactive Q&A sessions allowed attendees to delve deeper into the history of Indian comics, further enriching their experience. Participants also had the chance to win exciting rewards, including coveted comic subscription kits.

Startled to witness the exhilarating response from the attendees, Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Group said, “We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to ‘The Great Indian Comic Book Festival’. It was great to see that the event not only attracted kids but also intrigued their parents and other adult visitors with nostalgia. The event was a resounding success, and we look forward to organizing more such events in the future.”

The festival truly captured the essence of Indian comics and provided attendees with a memorable and immersive experience

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