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  • Packing Tips Frequent Travelers Swear By

    Published on April 10, 2019

    Most of us have faced this situation when we sit with our travel bags in front of us and wonder how to stuff in all that we wish to. It’s a tricky situation when we want to be well stocked, but don’t know how to be well packed.

    If travelling is a passion, then travel packing is nothing less than an art. Oh yes, ask frequent travellers, and they’ll tell you many useful tips that help them pack smartly. It’s an art they learn eventually. So, for all your travel experiences, be well prepared in advance than regretting later. This means that you shouldn’t just pack well; you should also plan well. A smart traveller, for instance, will tell you how an unlimited lounge access credit card can elevate your travel experience to another level.


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    So, here are a few smart packing tips that can prove to helpful for you-

    1.Start with A Packing List

    Starting in an organised manner such as this will have many benefits. Preparing a packing list will firstly ensure that you don’t miss out on anything essential, and that will save you the hassle of finding things in a new place. Along with that, a list will also ensure that you can buy things that you need to purchase, well in advance.

    You may even divide your list into different categories for even better planning and packing.

    2. Know You Airline’s Baggage Policy

     It can be inconvenient and annoying to have your stuff removed from your baggage there at the airport. So, be wise and proactive and do a quick google search about your airline’s baggage rules and specifications. This is one tip that frequent travellers swear by, for they’ve learnt it the hard way too.

    So, learn from their experience, and save yourself the trouble and annoyance!

     3.Roll Your Clothes

    This is again an excellent tip that can help you a great deal if over packing is an issue with you. Folding and packing the clothes takes more space as compared to when they are rolled in. Rolled clothes make space for more things which can allow you to keep a few add on things that you may otherwise have to skip.

    So, on your next trip, roll your clothes and give yourself the luxury of stuffing in a few extra things.

     4.Use Ziplock Bags and Compressors

     When you go shopping to buy all the outfits and essentials you need for your trip, also buy Ziplock and compressor bags the next time. They can be a game changer in your packing plans. Using these packing cubes and bags will not only keep your stuff organised in your bag but will also make unpacking easier for you.

    So, be smart and spend a few bucks on buying these useful travel bags.

     5.Keep Liquids Separately


    It is vital that you give special attention to liquid items that you’re packing in. Just in case they leak inside your bag, they can ruin all the things in your baggage. Make sure you keep all liquid items like shampoo, syrups, oil etc. in a separate bag. You may even put a plastic covering on the lid of the bottles to be even more cautious.

      6. Leave A Little Extra Space

     We know with all that you plan to stuff in your bag, this tip seems funny to you. However, on your way back, when you’ll have extra items to keep in, you’ll know why we offered you this tip. Shopping is an inevitable part of almost all travel experiences. So, instead of filling your bag like crazy, keep some space wherein you can fit in what you buy there.

    Be well prepared

     Like we said before, don’t just pack well, also prepare well. Travelling can be heavy on the pocket, with all the expenses that make it up. However, by planning well, you can enjoy many benefits and perks without spending extra. An essential part of your travel planning is to apply for a credit card with travel benefits.

    Having an unlimited lounge access credit card, such as SBI Prime Card, can make your journey comfortable by helping you avoid airport rush and relax at the airport lounge with exclusive access to privy first class and domestic airport lounges.