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Pallavi Jhawar reveals the secrets to happy parenting and preserving life’s footprints in her Moments to Memories books

 Hyderabad : Brand ‘Happevolution’ hosted a double book launch on Monday at District 150, The Stage in Hitech City. The two inspiring books under ‘Moments to Memories’ series penned by Author and Founder of Happevolution, Ms. Pallavi Jhawar, are promising books on separate aspects of the art of happy parenting and living the fine moments of our lives. “Moments to Memories: Preserving the Journey of Parenthood” offers a heart-warming essence of family life, providing parents with creative ways to document the magic of raising children. On the other hand, “Moments to Memories: Preserving the Footprints of Life” broadens the perspective, encouraging readers to celebrate and preserve the narrative of their own lives, highlighting the universal relevance of memory-making. Coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences in chartered accountancy, education, nutrition and art, Ms. Pallavi Jhawar explores the depths of what makes parenting and life worth cherishing. 

The event was graced by Guest of Honor, Dr. Shubha Vilas – a renowned spiritual guide and motivational speaker. The event was a beacon for those seeking to infuse their daily lives with meaning through the art of memory-making. Dr. Vilas’s presence enriched the dialogue around the timeless narrative of life’s moments, both grand and small. Other key dignitaries were Mrs. Anju Poddar – Art Connoisseur & Author; Mrs. Alka Bangur – Industrialist and Philanthropist; Ms. Srilakshmi Reddy – Founder & Director of Keystone International School; and Ms Sindhura Indukuri – Founder and Director of The Sri Ram Academy.

With the backdrop of Hyderabad’s vibrant culture, the event delved into how one can cherish precious moments as parents and individual. The program included brief yet insightful talks by Pallavi Jhawar and Dr. Shubha Vilas, each offering their unique perspectives on the timeless value of memories in shaping our identities and legacies.

Dr. Shubha Vilas – renowned spiritual guide and motivational speaker said, “These books are a treasure trove of what we all need in our lives – raising beautiful families and the art of living fulfilling lives. We all need this but find the journey very tedious. Pallavi has beautifully interwoven her wisdom and experience on both the aspects of raising families and making lives worthwhile. I am sure every reader will find the books relatable, unputdownable, and absolutely inspiring.”

Ms. Pallavi Jhawar – Author and Founder of Happevolution said, “These two books are documenting my thoughts on making parenting one of the most precious experiences. In the daily jostle of life, we want to seize every moment to be with our children, we want to live with perfection in the dimensions we relate to and through the relationships we share with people in our lives. It is all possible with the right attitude and state of mind. At the end when you look back, you must find every moment very fulfilling and in these two books I have shared the secrets to that kind of fulfilment.”

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