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  • Panasonic’s WelcomeToAdulthood Returns: Empowering the Young Generation to Make Smart Living Choices

    Published on September 21, 2023

     New Delhi : Panasonic Life Solutions India – a leading diversified technology company is delighted to announce the launch of  WelcomeToAdulthood’s second edition – a guide to empower young adults through the intricate journey of adulthood. The campaign focuses on the next step to adulting and, aims to connect with couples who are in their mid-to-late twenties ready to explore their new phase of relationship. In this transformative chapter of life, setting up a home with your partner comes with its own set of excitement and challenges. #WelcomeToAdulthood crafted in collaboration with The Scribbled Stories addresses these real-life incidents through a light-hearted, animated storytelling to deliver an even more enriching experience.

    Pooja Garg Khan, Head Corporate Communications and CSR at Panasonic Life Solutions India, shared her thoughts on the campaign, “With half of India’s population under the age 30* – a major set of our youth is at this transformational phase. Transitioning to adulthood is a major leap of faith. It is filled with emotions, challenges and most important – sharing the mutual levels of comfort, convenience and the (soul) connect, with your partner. Whether it is about having a mutually agreeable temperature for AC, while sleeping or, streaming your favourite show on a large screen LED TVs – appliances do play an important role in our living spaces.  

    At Panasonic Life Solutions India, we understand our audience, the emotional roller-coaster they have to go through this phase. #WelcomeToAdulthood is a strategic campaign designed to empower youngsters to make informed choices regarding their home appliances. The digital campaign has been crafted based on insights driven by the community and, aims at elevating the overall quality of life at each juncture.”

    This year’s #WelcomeToAdulthood edition will continue to provide valuable buying guides to young audience, ensuring they make informed decisions while purchasing home appliances, enhancing their quality of life and making cherished moments even more memorable – whether spending quality time with their partner while baking, enjoying a cosy movie night, or doing the laundry together. With the intention of guiding consumers through this journey of appliance selection, Panasonic has curated a series of comprehensive buying guides and emphasizes on the pivotal role appliances play in various stages of life, underscoring the significance of selecting durable and sustainable options aligned with current and future needs.

    The campaign is live on all social platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

    #WelcomeToAdulthood campaign reaffirms Panasonic Life Solutions India’s commitment to its customers by providing them with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their home appliances. By prioritizing durability and sustainability, the campaign ensures that individuals entering adulthood can create lasting memories with their loved ones while enjoying the benefits of top-notch home appliances.


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