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  • Papa Pancho – One of the most favorite authentic North Indian Punjabi restaurants in Mumbai – Owes its success to a Woman Entrepreneur

    Published on March 19, 2014

    Papa Pancho da Dhaba – One of the most popular North Indian Punjabi restaurants in Mumbai restaurants in Mumbai is owned and Mamta Sekhrirun by the Woman Entrepreneur – ‘Mamta Sekhri ‘the owner and the Success’ behind the famous restaurant ‘Papa Pancho da Dhaba’ at Pali Hill Bandra West. It’s the 13th year of the restaurant’s successful food enterprise in the prime location in the city of Mumbai.

    It was started by Ms. Mamta Sekhri along with her sister Poonam Soni, about 13 years ago and over the years it has evolved to into one of the most sought after restaurants in Pali Hill Bandra West. The Food served here is typically Punjabi, and together with ambiance and the cooking style and cutlery in which it is served, makes you forget that you are in Mumbai and transports you to Punjab in North India.

    The food is simple and wholesome. The starters like Fish tikka, Banjara Kabab and  Tandoori Chicken are a must try and in the main courses Dhaba Chicken, Bhuna Gosht,  and Chicken Makhani are awesome, and for Vegetarian the Baingan Bhartha, Rajma Chawal, Aloo Gobhi, Sarson Da Saag (veg), amongst others recommended, they are served with complimentary Dal Makhani, Dahi, Rice/Phulkas/Paratha.

    The menu is extensive and serves home cooked styled dishes from the Tandoor, the Kadhai, the Tawaa as well as numerous Rice, Dal and Roti preparations.

    Speaking on the occasion of Women’s Day, Ms. Mamta Sekhri who loves her Punjabi heritage, said “The secret to our success is very simple and that is to ensure the food is served to the highest standards and further the food tasting is done by myself or the higher management every single day!

    The ingredients are purchased fresh in the morning and cooked in exotic spices specially obtained from North India”.

    Papa FoodMr. Vivian, the restaurant manager said “It is the homely feeling created by Ms. Mamta Sekhri, that is responsible for the success of ‘Papa Pancho da Dhaba’ – She takes care of it as one would do it for their own family,

    He further opines that she is not only particular about the food served,  but utmost care and concern is shown to her  staff and customers indicating that happy staff prepare great food with love and care, and all this percolates down finally to the customers.

    The menu was simple and did not have any confusing names with small variations in the gravy, we chose Banjara Kababs, for starters, Chicken Dhaba and Sarson da Saag with Makai di Roti and we had the tasty Dal Makhni with phulka. We were pleasantly surprised with the homemade white butter and Pickle.

    The amazing food was served in ancient style heavy brass thalis and transported us to Punjab and the Sweet Lassi in the large brass glass was the last straw.

    Our heart yearned for more but we were so full that we could not have anything more, so with the determination that we will come back for more, we moved out of the place fully satisfied.


    On our way out we found other customers enjoying the yummy Delhi Chaat dishes like Papdi Chaat, Golgappe   and also Tikki Chole. We had to control ourselves from returning back to our tables and experience Dilli.

    This place won our hearts and also the hearts of many others who have visited this place including many stars like John Abraham, Salman Khan and many others.

    May sound a cliche but the fact is Ms. Mamta Sekhri knows very well that the way to anyone’s heart is through his stomach.

    We were happy to know that on this Women’s day, we were chatting with a women entrepreneur from an industry which is  a male domain, here you have Ms Sekhri who has survived for 13 years and its without doubt, 10 years down the line, she would and we expect a chain of Papa Pancho da Dhabas, all over this busy and hungry metropolis.

    If you want a real feel of a Dhaba in Mumbai, enter  Papa Pancho da Dhaba at Pali Hill and ask for :

    Vegetarian Dishes : Sarson Da Saag / Dal Makhani / Dal Handi (curry of pulses)  / Choley (generally eaten with Naan)  / Punj Ratani Dal  / Kadhai Paneer  / Shahi Paneer  / Sheer Korma

    Non-Vegetarian Dishes : Tandoori Chicken /  Butter Chicken  / Bhuna Ghosht (dish made of lamb) / Kebab  /Amritsari Fish / Tandoori Fish  / Fish tikka  / Chicken Biriyani  /Lamb biriyani  / Keema Naans  / Reshmi Tikka  / Malai Tikki and don’t forget to check out the ‘today’s Special’ it will be surprisingly and pleasantly special.

    When we were about to leave after the food review ‘Vivian Richards, the restaurant manager asked us this question which in my four and a half decades of my existence in MUMBAI CITY and i would have loved to hear…he  said “in case you are full and heavy we have beds and ‘khatiyas’, similar to the ones in Punjab… you could take rest and have a power nap…

    The food , besides being very tasty and like home cooked, it is also priced reasonably. A meal for two would completely satisfy the appetite and yet would not exceed Rs. 1000/- at ‘Papa Pancho da Dhaba’.

    Finally we left saying “Papa Pancho ke Dhabe da jawab nahi” !

    Source :  Lokesh Shastri