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Paramparik Karigar Presents: A Celebration of India’s Artistic Heritage

 Mumbai : Paramparik Karigar aims to create a unique organization to preserve and nurture India’s rich cultural heritage of traditional arts, crafts, and textiles made locally by India’s esteemed karigars.

Nearly three decades now, Paramparik Karigar’s mission to safeguard and nurture traditional arts, crafts, and weaves has taken the form of exhibitions hosted to showcase the karigars and their elaborate works. Their next exhibition will be held on the 15th and 16th of March, at Scout & Pavilion Hall, Shivaji Park, Dadar. The event will highlight the crafting mastery of local karigars through various arts and crafts like dhurries and woven-grass mats, and different regional art forms.

Ratna Krishna Kumar, Managing Committee Member said of the event, “With all of our exhibitions, we not only aim to display the beauty and intricacy of traditional Indian arts, crafts, and weaves, but also honor the effort of the artisans whose skills and dedication breathe life into these treasured pieces. We are a craft organization with a difference, wholly owned by the Karigars. Knowledge of these crafts is passed from generation to generation, and one can interact with them bypassing the middleman. Come and experience the difference.” 

The exhibition is a unique opportunity to interact with esteemed National-Award winning karigars, offering attendees an unprecedented opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and gain insights into the intricate techniques and cultural significance behind every masterpiece. It is also a journey to understand the importance of preserving these indigenous arts and crafts skills, and showcase the rich artistic heritage and talent that exists throughout the country. Appealing to both seasoned craft enthusiasts as well as beginners looking to understand more about traditional Indian arts and crafts processes.

Founded by Roshan Kalapesi in 1996, the organization has flourished since its start, and now boasts of a vibrant community of over 100 skilled craftspeople. Paramparik Karigar is owned and operated by the karigars themselves, reflecting their commitment to the preservation and sustainability of their craft and skill.

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