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  • On May 22nd, 2014, journalists and professionals in the agri-food industry came together at the Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi for a panel discussion on trends in agriculture, food processing and packaging. The 2014 “Paris – New Delhi: The fresh take on Food & Hospitality trends” conference discussed themes ranging “from farm to fork”: how to improve productivity and decrease wastage in agriculture, the globalization of food and the shift in consumption patterns in India.

    The panel discussion, hosted by PREDA – The Paris Region Economic Development Agency and Promosalons – The French tradeshow Promotion Agency, aimed to expand international business development opportunities between India and Europe, in particular, France’s agriculture, food, beverage, packaging, and processing industries.

    The discussion was opened by H.E.Mr François Richier, Ambassador of France to India who spoke about the trade relationship between France and India and underlined the importance of developing and strengthening the agriculture, food processing and hospitality business relationships between the two countries.

    Mr Jean-Luc Margot-Duclot, Senior Executive Vice President of the Paris Region Economic Development Agency, then took the floor to remind the audience of the Paris Region’s position as a major economic hub, with the first GDP in Europe, and its leading position in international exhibition and conference organisation. “Paris Region trade Shows are a unique gateway to European and French marketplaces, they are the place to be to discover future trends, new innovations and meet your international partners.” Mr. Margot-Duclot invited Indian companies to participate more actively in French Tradeshows, especially in the 13 agri-food business trade shows. Mr Margot-Duclot ended by reminding the audience that PREDA provides free, confidential and custom-made services to assist Indian companies in setting up, succeeding, growing and expanding in the Paris Region.

    Mrs Laurence Agostini, Marketing and Sales manager at Promosalons Paris, then presented the work of the French Tradeshow Promotion Agency in supporting the international development of French tradeshows. “Promosalons India assists Indian professionals with complete information on the tradeshows and the benefits of participation for prospective exhibitors or buyers and helps to maximise the benefits of participation at french tradeshows.” She also underlined that each year France offers 450 trade shows, which welcome 12 million visits- 40% of them international and 155 000 exhibiting companies – including 30% international exhibitors.

    Following this, Mr Rajneesh Sharma, Editor of Food and Beverage magazine, moderated a panel discussion structured around the key ongoing trends in the Indian agriculture, food processing and packaging industries and how they link up with global developments. The speakers included, Céline Gstalder, Agriculture Division Sales Director at Comexposium Group  for SIA and SIMA exhibitions, Nicolas Trentesaux, SIAL Group Director and Véronique Sestrières, EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION Exhibitions Director, Manufacturing & Transport Business Unit Director at Comexposium Group.

    Mr Sharma invited Mrs Gstalder and Mrs Sestrières to discuss the challenges of optimising agricultural productivity in India as well as the high levels of wastage in transportation for fresh produce in the country. According to Mrs Gstalder, implementing innovations in agricultural methods is key to producing more and better. Mrs Gstalder stressed upon the important role that innovation has played in driving the international agriculture and livestock sector forward at SIMA and SIA over the last few decades and cited many examples of recent launches and genetic developments. Mrs Sestrières also presented the latest developments in food packaging and transport handling, presented at EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION exhibition which can be a source of inspiration for solutions to be implemented in India.

    Mr Sharma also engaged with Mr Trentesaux on the emergence of the global food movement which has led consumers worldwide, including Indians, to sample the ingredients of other world cuisines. Mr Trentesaux agreed that at SIAL, the product offering has become more and more diverse over the years but he also underlined that local food cultures remain very important. The globalisation of food does not standardise tastes but rather brings fresh new ideas and inspirations to food professionals.

    Mrs Sestrières and Mr Trentesaux also discussed the many developments in packaging and prepared foods that have been showcased at EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION and SIAL exhibitions in the past. Trade Shows such as SIMA, SIA, SIAL and EMBALLAGE & MANUTENTION are great showrooms to get an insight into the breadth of growing technologies, processes, and businesses at the international level.

    The discussion was followed by a networking cocktail and dinner where attendees had the opportunity to build and develop business relationships.

    All professionals agreed on the huge potential provided by the Paris region trade shows and conferences given their international presence, commercial opportunities, and access to markets and to do business. The trade shows in the Paris Region are great international business platforms for visitors and exhibitors to promote their products and services at one of the world’s biggest marketplaces.

    With 400 trade shows covering every business sector and  welcoming 10 million visitors and 100,000 exhibitors each year, Paris Region is the undisputed world leader in international exhibition and conference organisation. The city has the largest gross exhibition area in the world well served by numerous forms of transport: more than 682,000 m² of exhibition space and 10 main exhibition venues. Paris Region trade shows are true sources of inspiration, innovation plateforms and unique business boosters.


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