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    Paving the healthier way with Speciality Flours

    Published on October 22, 2021

    Pansari Group, an established brand in the FMGC sector, has been a pioneer in the consumer goods industry. They have always been ahead of their times with their range of edible oils, speciality rice & flour products and instant Indian mixes. Known for their gourmet flavour, original taste and wide range of products, Pansari group constantly works on unique blends of raw materials while delivering the highest quality products.

    Their latest range of speciality flours includes a wide variety of different grain flours.  Gluten-free and with better nutrients than regular flour, the combination of speciality flours are a healthier choice for consumers to include in their daily diet.

    Each flour has its own range of health benefits that include helping you get a variety of  vitamins, minerals and fibre in your daily meals. A good source of protein ensures you have  two or more of the speciality flours, provides your blood sugar is at the proper levels, and  your cholesterol is kept in the correct range. In addition, since most of them ensure you get  your required vitamins and minerals, they help boost your immunity and treat anaemia.

    Select a different mix of Speciality flours to ensure you get the proper nutrients from your  daily diet. For example, certain flours like the Kuttu flour and Chana Sattu flours keep you  cool and are better when consumed during the summer, while others like Bajra and Jowari  help keep the body warm and are best consumed during the winter months.

    Shammi Agarwal, MD  ,Pansari group, has said, “As a principle, we want  to encourage people to shift towards healthier eating habits. Our range of Speciality flours  promises to do so by making healthier options available to our consumers in more  accessible places at reasonable rates.”

    Pansari Group has proven they care more about ensuring people access healthier food at an affordable rate by including their newest range of speciality flours in their product list. In addition, they have been shown to lead the way in offering alternative flours to better the consumers’ health.