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  • People That Make Significant Differences In Our Lives

    Published on September 20, 2019

    Dealing With Life’s Changes

    Life is a mystery in a real sense. We enter life, and we have to learn who our parents are. We grow up and go to school. We then learn about social life. We meet people whom we never knew existed, and we are challenged in even more ways. Things happen to us we didn’t and would never plan for ourselves, and we learn to go through them. Well, in short, life is a constantly changing thing. If we had one birthday wish we could truly appreciate, it would be to have a day that goes our way.

    Through the Ages

    Then there are those other people in our life we really care about who undergo things we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies: robberies, assaults, or being injured in a drive-by shooting. When we hear about what happened to them, we are like the three little monkeys that blind and hide themselves to all the evil around them. Anthropologists date the tradition back to the Bronze Age (3000-1000 BC). Humanity has always witnessed terrible things happening. For example, the dinosaurs were supposed to have gone extinct in the flash of a second after a massive comet struck the earth millions of years ago. Who do we turn to when catastrophes and adverse events happen to us?

    Law Careers

    If we listen to the news, we continuously see people who seem to have a handle on the events that are causing terrible things to happen to others. We see organized crime, deadly gangs that work in our streets, and the lone person that goes on a rampage. There are robberies in the light of day and burglaries that happen in the dark of night. The people that come to our aid have chosen law enforcement careers to protect you and me from those who put our lives in danger.

    Internet Cybersecurity

    Take, for example, the thousands of corporations, companies, and civilians throughout the world who make our surfing on the web a better place to do our research, our shopping, or allowing our kids to browse. We still have the dark web that even works outside the domain of the FBI and the government. The FBI and our governing bodies are slowly penetrating these dark forces that escape justice daily and spread drugs and other organized crime throughout the world. Here we are zeroing in on what we call today the cybersecurity professionals who help to make our financial transactions safe. Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto didn’t want to take any credit for inventing blockchain technology, but it has been a tremendous force in decentralizing our financial data so that hackers cannot break into our financial institutions and people’s personal information is more secure.

    Actions Creating Peace

    People who make a difference ought to be remembered since they spend their lives trying to reduce the problems that seem to plague mankind. The Nobel Peace Laureates are recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize which has been given out 108 times (1901-2018). People like Juan Manuel Santos (2016 recipient) for fighting to end a 50-year-long civil war and instrumental in bringing that war to an end. For the Nobel Peace Prize recipient of 2013 which was (OPCW) or the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons who were instrumental in the “elimination of chemical weapons.” Lastly, in 1993, Nelson Mandela and Frederik Willem de Klerk worked to eliminate the apartheid regimes in a peaceful manner, which in turn gave new life to the democratic government of South Africa.

    Voices of Peace

    Perhaps we can also mention people like the late John Paul II who traveled the world for nearly two decades bringing a message of religious peace in places where there were turmoil and division. He brought a new message of anti-hatred to a new generation of believers who were challenged by growing tensions arising from gangs and gang wars. Leaders such as those mentioned above are the ones we, as citizens of the world, turn to for inner strength when we undergo unplanned attacks against our person or property.