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  • Pharmacy ‘Guru’ at University of Wolver-Hampton Presented Interactive Lecture

    Published on January 5, 2011

    Punjab : The Department of Applied Medical Sciences of Lovely Professional University hosted a Guest interactive lecture on “Pharmacy: Past, Present and Future”. The key-Speaker was Head of the Pharmacy Department of Wolver-Hampton University, UK. He presented the well elaborated details about the Pharmacy science to the students, faculty and other invited audience. Also, during the meeting with the Senior authorities and Dean of Applied Medical Sciences of LPU, he forwarded the initiative for ‘Research based collaboration’, ‘Developing Twinning Programme’ and Short Duration Programme of Importance for the present pharmacy education scenario.

    On this occasion the Chancellor of the University, Mr Ashok Mittal said: “The Department of Pharmacy of our University has already proved its might by filing patents as well as involving in great research works. And, it is one of the main reasons that the University of Wolver-Hampton has set collaborative work with LPU. It is developing the collaborative programmes where the students will have access to their all facilities.” He further added: “We always have positive attitude to accept the proposals made by the foreign Universities of much importance in the present education context. In fact, we are open to such initiatives at any point of time for the benefit of the students to lead them to a globalized environment of knowledge, innovation and enterprise.”

    Addressing the students, Prof. Morgan said: “India has become a great centre of attraction almost in all areas including Health education. Numerous Companies are looking at setting up research as well as testing facilities here. We also have been thinking to put forward our strategies towards learning and teaching, in research at LPU.” He also added: “Moreover,We also want that the modern pharmacy students should come out as valuable assets to the global economies which they are going to serve.”