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  • Philips Domestic Appliances launches the new SpeedPro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner range: a convenient & stylish solution that delivers effortless, all-round cleaning

    Published on July 4, 2022

    • Designed to keep Indian homes clean & hygienic, the new cordless vacuum cleaners are available in three variants- Aqua FC6728, FC6726 and FC6723
    • Philips SpeedPro Aqua FC6728 delivers on both dry & wet cleaning functions making the consumers’ life easy

    New Delhi: Hailing an era of smart cleaning, Philips Domestic Appliances, today announced the launch of its range of SpeedPro cordless vacuum cleaners in India. Crafted to provide consumers a superior and efficient alternative to traditional cleaning and mopping methods, this new range offers a comprehensive solution to all the household cleaning needs. Designed keeping in mind the requirements of Indian households and the myriad dust contributing elements, Philips SpeedPro enables consumers to spend the least amount of time cleaning every nook and corner of their home, including the toughest spots – close to walls, furniture, and upholstery. Equipped with premium wet & dry functions, Philips SpeedPro Aqua FC6728 enables seamless and thorough cleaning that is fast and perfect every time.

    Features of Philips SpeedPro cordless vacuum cleaner:

    • Integrated brush for hard-to-reach areas

    • 3-in-1 vacuum, mop and handheld functionality in FC6728

    • LEDs in the nozzle reveal hidden dust and dirt

    • PowerCyclone 7 maintains powerful performance for longer

    • PowerBlade motor is engineered for high air speed to enable the 180° suction nozzle

     • Runtime of 30, 40 and 50 minutes across the range

    Commenting on the launch, Mr. Gulbahar Taurani, MD, and CEO Philips Domestic Appliances, India Subcontinent, said, “Given the post pandemic scenario, there is a growing preference for easy to use, quick yet efficient home cleaning solutions as consumers become more focused towards health, safety and hygiene. There is extra consciousness among people to have spotless clean houses and many continue to clean their houses themselves. Extensive cleaning of dust and dirt across different corners of the house, where traditional methods are unable to give desired results, the Philips SpeedPro cordless vacuum cleaner range delivers on fast, yet effective cleaning. Keeping in mind today’s fast paced lifestyle coupled with the fact that wet and dry cleaning is of utmost importance in every Indian household, we are confident that this new launch will enable consumers to experience a new dimension of convenient and easy cleaning.”

    Fast powerful clean

    For quick touch-ups or complete cleaning, the Philips SpeedPro is a premium solution. In normal mode, it delivers up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning. The Turbo mode gives you up to 22 minutes of fast, deeper cleaning. The Philips SpeedPro leverages the proprietary of an 1800 suction nozzle that delivers precise and powerful pick-up of dirt on both hard floors and carpets. The Philips SpeedPro is especially designed for maximum reach, even under low furniture and appliances, which helps to ensure no corner of homes remain unclean. The vacuum’s reach, combined with its unique Power Blade motor which is engineered for high air speed, enables powerful and precise pick-up at nozzle level. Additionally, the PowerCyclone 7 technology immediately separates dust from air, to maintain powerful performance for longer.

    Unique functionality

    For a uniform faster cleaning solution, the Philips SpeedPro Aqua FC6728 features a 3-in-1 vacuum, mop and handheld functionality. This model has a uniquely designed vacuum and mop function that enables swift clean up for a range of dust ranging from shoe marks on the living room floor, to the dirt in the kitchen. It is also easy to switch to the detachable handheld vacuum – ideal for when you need to clean pet hairs and dirt off your sofa.

    Style at home

    Designed specifically to uplift the interiors of a modern-day home while meeting the needs and desires of consumers who are mostly on-the-go, the Philips SpeedPro features an ergonomic design paired with bold color application choices, ensuring you can showcase your true style at home.

    Philips SpeedPro cordless vacuum cleaner delivers effortless, fast powerful reach and is the perfect tool to make living and cleaning easier. It starts at a price of INR. 29,995/- and comes with a 2-year warranty.

    The consumers can now choose and buy their preferred cleaning assistant on Philips Domestic Appliances e-store


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