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  • Photographer Vivek Kashyap on why it’s important to build a connection before clicking pictures

    Published on September 27, 2023

    Smartphones have made the art of photography accessible to everyone. However, amidst the frenzy of filters and hashtags, the essence of what makes a photograph truly impressive often gets overlooked. If you ask photographer extraordinaire Vivek Kashyap, he believes that the key to exceptional photography lies not just in the equipment but in the heart-to-heart connections formed between the photographer and subject.

    Do you ever wonder why some pictures have a strong impact on us and others don’t? It’s because they narrate a story and transport us to that memory. Today, Vivek is renowned for his ability to capture the soul of his subjects, whether it’s the evasive tears of a bride or the elation of a groom. While most of the current generation of photographers hastily click pictures without diving into the emotions, this creative mind has shared insights on why building connections before clicking pictures is of paramount importance.

    A forced smile is evident in photographs, isn’t it? Vivek firmly acknowledges that real emotions can only be captured when a genuine connection exists between the photographer and the subject. “When a photographer can sense the sentiment prevailing in the surroundings and connect with the subject, they are capable of immortalizing the most precious memories,” he says.

    He was always swayed by the idea of portraying individuals in a way that transcended traditional portraiture, showcasing their personalities, dreams, and emotions. Being a wedding photographer, he has always functioned in an environment that is jammed with varied types of emotions and yet has always excelled at flawlessly capturing them. Vivek’s images resonate with viewers because they convey raw, unfiltered emotions.

    His journey has been no less than that of a dreamer who reached his destination only after facing numerous challenges. Vivek is also the creative head of House on the Clouds, which is the leading agency in wedding filmmaking. Drawn by the idea of conceptual photography, he has always ensured that all his pictures evoked emotions and narrated stories.

    He has shot dreamlike pictures for Kiara Advani-Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt-Ranbir Kapoor, Arpita Mehta-Kunal Rawal, and Alanna Panday-Ivor McCray’s wedding. Vivek has also pictured grand celebrations for brands like DLF Group, Jindal Group, and more. We are sure that he will keep the essence of photography alive.


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