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  • Tuesday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:20:21
  • Pinder, who is currently famous for his albums and singles in not only Punjab but also in Canada and the United Kingdoms, has something cooking under the shelves. He is seen making rounds all over the place for his next shoot. Last he was spotted near Vancouver and Montreal before that. Pinder was in a luxurious ride when a paparazzi saw him posing his bloke looks in front of a camera. Now we have to wonder if his bearded looks are hotter or his posh coupé.

    There was once a time when Pinder had to scuffle for a piece, but that didn’t deter him much. Now that his exertion is truly accounted for, he has achieved that milestone that he had once wished for. For him music and melody are not something to muddle up and he also realizes that developing a composition takes time and effort. Time and effort, the two pillars that withhold his dreams.

    What is a song without soul, without emotion? Exactly… Nothing! That’s when you realize that is genuine music what you hear and what’s not. This is one of the main reasons why Pinder Randhawa is so well known among the people for his music. His music not only seems to uplift the crowd but also puts their fantasies to life.

    Singing isn’t something that Pinder does only as a vocation but instead singing is his passion and he puts his heart and soul in to it and makes sure he enjoys singing every verse that leaves his vocal box. And his poesies do truly strike one’s heart. This aspect of his makes us believe that he has faith in influence moreover than affluence.

    Pinder even has his own studio and he has published most of his tracks from his studio. Being the owner of pb02 Studios, one thing Pinder has learnt and that is not to stop at a breakthrough. Achieving perfection is what he yearns. Even when asked at an interview Pinder noted that- “Opening a studio is one thing for an artist, making it stand out is another. I have confidence in myself to accomplish more than the eye sees but not at the price of my integrity”.

    With that being said the flamboyant Pinder Randhawa has leaped back into the whole kit and caboodle and even in this time of crisis he promises us to bring more of his beats into the market and we wager on it pretty much unquestionably.


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