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Planet Idea launches in India to redefine smart living

Planet Idea, an international smart solutions advisory company, has just launched in India with the purpose of transforming and redefining community living in the country. The company’s unique proposition – which entails the integration of smart solutions, a district app and community management services into residential projects – has already been implemented in Europe and South America with great success.

A partnership between Planet Smart City, the global leader in smart affordable housing, and the family office of the promoters of Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd, one of India’s leading real estate groups, Planet Idea India provides a perfect blend of international experience and local understanding to transform smart living in urban India.

As the country experiences rapid urbanisation and is recognised as a centre for technological advancement, the company’s innovative services aim to improve quality of life for residents and foster communities by providing technological and environmentally sustainable solutions, as well as digital services and social innovation programmes.

The first project in the country is underway and it is set to provide smart solutions to over 5,000 homes at a 390 acre iconic township in Pune, Life Republic. The community of Life Republic will benefit from the installation of smart solutions such as IoT-based intelligent lighting, a water management system, air quality monitors, smart benches, fitness trails, a smart gym, Library of Things, co-working space, SOS columns and much more.


By keenly understanding the pulse of local societies in India, Planet Idea has adopted a people-centric approach – one that creates communities and fosters human interaction through technology and social innovation practices. The introduction of the Planet App provides a one-stop platform for all solutions on offer, while a dedicated Community Manager works in close liaison with the residents.

Planet Idea’s advisory offering in India will be led by a robust team of experienced engineers, architects and digital and social innovators who will collaborate with Planet Idea Italy, a world-first Competence Centre established by Planet Smart City in 2015 that  that works on innovative urban solutions across four macro-areas: urban planning, environment, technology and social innovation.

Planet Idea’s proposition caters to real estate developers, housing associations and local governments looking to enhance living conditions in India. With a catalogue of over 200 smart solutions, Planet Idea India will bring best practices and smart solutions to meet citizens’ needs and reduce maintenance and operational costs, while achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the local level.

Daniele Russolillo, COO of Planet Smart City and Global Head of Planet Idea, said: “Considering the ever-changing times, we are certain that smart living will emerge as an integral part of every community lifestyle, now more than ever. Local communities are looking to adapt new smart solutions into their daily lives, to enhance their quality of life and to be more environmentally sustainable. We are confident and well-equipped to respond effectively to the needs and many challenges faced in urban living. We look forward to fostering smart, safer and happier urban environments in India.”

Yash Patil, Executive Director of Kolte-Patil Group, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with a global innovative company like Planet Smart City to bring Planet Idea to India. The first project is underway in a 390 acre iconic township, Life Republic, and we will integrate advanced smart solutions to improve the quality of life of our residents. We are looking forward to bringing innovative smart living to other communities across the country through technology, digital services and social innovation.”

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