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  • Saturday, January, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:46:18
  •  by Anup Biswas 

    Haflong: Though the idol makers of Dima Hasao are very few in number but failed to get support from any end during this pandemic.

     Idol maker busy as the festival is nearing

    The idol makers of Dima Hasao basically make clay idols round the year and maintain their families by the income from the selling of idols but this year due to pandemic these idol makers were faced untold sufferings as most of the festivals were restricted or cancelled.

    Amulya Paul an artisan of Haflong who had made as many as seven idols set but this year he has received only one set. He has to take care of four persons in his family by selling the idols, due to lockdown he has become total bankrupt. It would have been good enough if any organisation found time to extend their support in the time of crisis. Now we are the mercy of the customer who can buy our idols.

    Krishna Paul another artisan of Haflong said due to lockdown, most of the puja committees have curtailed their puja budget resulting to a sharp decrease of income. This year I have received only seven sets of very low budget idol whereas in previous year I had to make as many as 50 sets apart from round-the-year idols. The sudden increase in the rate of materials used in idol making was also a concern. I have to take care of five persons in my family including old mother but this pandemic has left us nowhere. Once I also thought for taking loan but who will I wonder. Thus the plight of we the artisans or the clay idol makers remained unheard.