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  • Wednesday, December, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:30:42
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the G-20 virtual summit today. The Summit took place with participation of all leaders barring a few due to technical difficulties. Government sources said the leaders adopted a Joint Statement on COVID-19. The themes of the Joint Statement include fighting the pandemic, safeguarding economy, addressing international trade disruptions, and enhancing global cooperation.

    Sources said, Prime Minister Modi in his speech said that the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge but also offered a unique opportunity to look at new concept of globalization that focused on humanity. Prime Minister called on G-20 nations to come out with concrete action plan to fight the pandemic. There was general appreciation that when the crisis broke out, India was early to move into action. Sources said, there was broad agreement and receptivity to Prime Minister Modi’s view that there is a need to take a different look at globalization. Mr Modi said, humans should be at the centre of nations’ policies. He also stressed on the need to develop adaptive, and humane healthcare systems. Sources also said, there was appreciation of the fact that India played a regional role in dealing with the Corona virus crisis. All leaders were consensual in the view that all nations need to work together to deal with the crisis.

    In a communique, G-20 leaders expressed commitment to take all necessary measures to contain the pandemic. There was full support for strengthening WHO mandate to fight against the pandemic. They agreed to work to ensure flow of vital medical supplies across the borders. They also agreed to facilitate international trade and emphasized  to strengthen capacity building.