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PM praises young artist for his paintings and concern for public health

The Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has written to Steven Harris, a student from Bengaluru, praising him for his paintings. This rising 20 years old young artists had sent two beautiful paintings of the Prime Minister along with a letter to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister replied with encouragement and praise. 

Paintings sent by Steven Harris

The Prime Minister wrote that it is such a pleasure to see the interest and devotion of the young people in the creative fields. The Prime Minister wrote ‘your paintings indicate your talent for experiencing things deeply. The minute expressions executed with subtlety are heartwarming.’

The Prime Minister lauded the young artist for his views about public health and welfare during current difficult period. The Prime Minister wrote “Vaccine campaign, discipline, along with collective efforts of 130 crore Indians are providing strength to our fight against the pandemic.”

The Prime Minister expressed the hope that people will be inspired by the Steven’s effort to spread positivity.

Steven had told the Prime Minister in his letter that he is painting for last 15 years and has won more than 100 awards at various levels. He described the Prime Minister as his inspiration and praised India’s vaccination program in the fight against Corona.

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