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  • Monday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:43:59
  • The novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) pandemic is unprecedented and its impact continues to threaten the survival of economies globally. Companies are struggling on many fronts to come back from the situation. One of the major problems in front of the companies currently is the lack of health infrastructure at their factories or industries site to provide immediate and health facility to their employees and staff. 

    Prisha Container Lines, India’s leading Portable container Manufacturer in India has launched an exclusive solution for the industries and factories with the build of a Health center in Portable Container, which helps the companies to decrease a load of health emergency during the pandemic. 

    These health centers are made in portable centers with the complete facility of medical care in case of emergency. Each center has 8 -10 beds with safe spacing along with the Doctor cabin, separate toilets, and facility for a medical emergency as in the case of ICU units. These containers are designed to maintain the standard norms, which are required in every building architecture and interiors. 

    team of professionals who are experts in civil engineering, architecture, and interior designing lays down each container design. Electrical works, ceiling, flooring, plumbing, drainage & all other aspects are taken into consideration while curating these shipping medical centers.   

    According to Veepul Kaushik, Container Designer and Promoter of Prisha Container lines, “We are in such state of emergency that we need to have health centers at every industry or their working site be at the urban or the remotest area of India. Safety of the workers and staff is of the utmost importance of every organization, which builds a strong organization and help in the growth of the organization. With these Portable containers converted as health center will help the companies to solve the emergency health care during this pandemic”.

    There are enormous benefits of these Portable containers health centers. They can be quickly assembled and disassemble and can be moved from one place to another as per the need of the company. They are low in cost construction and are very strong in strength to experience any weather condition. These Portable containers are the perfect example of recycling, as these are made of the old shipping container, which is not in use. 

    “We are also making accommodation containers for the companies along with the health centers, which help the companies to use them for stay purpose for their employees”, says Veepul. With many advantages, these containers can be developed in a short period and can be customized with the best technology and architecture practices.