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Post Budget Quote from Mr. Suyash Gupta, Director General, Indian Auto LPG Coalition

”With India remaining the best performing economy among the larger economies as duly highlighted by the budget, the budget has stayed the course in terms of remaining a growth-oriented one. In terms of promotion of cleaner mobility, while the government’s intent to encourage battery swapping technology with an eye on galvanizing electric mobility is appreciated, it still remains to be seen what more is there in the fine print for promotion of cleaner alternative fuels. At the same time, the provision for sovereign green bonds with the aim of reducing the carbon intensity of the economy must be appreciated. Also, the encouragement of agroforestry, the extension of PLI schemes to manufacturing of solar PV modules will further help in pursuing a more carbon-free economic pathway for the country. It must also be added that the increase of excise on unblended fuel will also help to some extent in achieving cleaner mobility. However the bigger picture with regard to air quality has been missed. Electric is a while away. What does the country do in the interim? Low hanging fruits like Auto LPG need to be acknowledged, which could bring an immediate relief to the urban air pollution ”, said Mr. Suyash Gupta, Director General, Indian Auto LPG Coalition.

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