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  • Post successful launch in Delhi, US based mindfulTMS Neurocare enters Bangalore with the center for treating mental illnesses such as Depression, OCD and Addiction

    Published on March 15, 2019

    Bangalore: After the success of its first super-speciality psychiatric neurocare centre in New Delhi, Rangsons Healthcare, a venture of the Mysore-based NR Group, launches its 2nd mindfulTMS Neurocare™ center in India in ‘Bangalore’.  The center has been specially-designed to provide a holistic approach to treating mental illnesses with the US FDA-approved Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) at its core. mindfulTMS Neurocare, a global brand with a presence in the US, Europe and Asia, brings clinical expertise of neuropsychiatrists from the US,


    along with cutting-edge Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment and individually customized treatment protocols that have yielded successful results for treating mental illnesses over time.

    Mr Pavan Ranga, MD, Rangsons and Managing Partner, NR Group, along with Dr Vijay Mehtry, Consultant Psychiatrist, mindfulTMS Neurocare, Bangalore and Dr.Ajit Bhide, President of Indian Psychiatric Society(IPS) were present at the event. A Live demo to experience the working of TMS was organized by the clinic where the effectiveness of the treatment was spoken about in depth.

    Mr Pavan Ranga, MD, Rangsons Healthcare and Managing Partner, NR Group, “People across the country migrate to Bangalore for job opportunities as it is the popular corporate hub of India. Most of them stay alone and fall prey to work pressure leading to corporate stress. In such circumstances, there is a strong likelihood to sink into depression and other stress-related ailments. Our goal at mindfulTMS Neurocare is to create awareness about mental illnesses and help patients to bounce back to their normal self. Our Delhi centre has experienced an overwhelming response from patients where several patients have been successfully treated. Through our clinic in Bangalore, we want to bring in our expertise so that patients have access to globally-proven treatment procedures. Our psychiatrists and psychologists are trained in global best practices and understand the unique needs of patients so that they develop personalized treatment plans for each of them. Our clinicians will ensure that patients feel at home in all our clinics and will experience faster recovery.”

    Dr Vijay Mehtry, Consultant Psychiatrist, mindful TMS Neurocare, said, “A large segment of depressed individuals who are in real need of treatment are unable to get a holistic treatment and care, and some, even after their treatment are unable to see the results as they are treatment resistant. At present, patients need a novel, advanced and evidence-based, effective and a non-invasive approach, like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).  A typical TMS session lasts about 19 minutes and the accelerated version lasts about 9 minutes’ post which the patients can resume their normal daily activity immediately.”

    Around the world, TMS has evolved as an effective non-drug based treatment option or an adjunct (add-on) treatment for depression with no side-effects. It has helped thousands of patients to overcome Depression, OCD and has shown effectiveness in curing addictive disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Post-Stroke Depression and post-natal depression. It has also been effective in whom antidepressants may have worked only partially. Recognizing its effectiveness, numerous health insurance companies cover TMS treatment in the USA and around the world. Even here in India, Insurance companies including Ayushman Bharath and Oriental Insurance covers TMS for treatment of depression, OCD and Addiction.