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  • Revenge is the foundation of justice… Justice began with revenge and revenge is still the only justice for some… These line said by the Prachi Sinha who is ready to make a bollywood entry with the Angry Young Man. Patna Girl Prachi Sinha is excited and Prachi Sinhaconfident about her bollywood entry with Angry Young Man in the Production of VSR. Angry Young Man based on Love and Revenge theme.

    VSR Films Presents Angry Young Man based on love and Revenge Angry Young Man is Story of Young Boy Arjun and Young Girl Sarah. Sarah an innocent, bubbly girl and the other side Arjun who is a street-fighter. The strong beings when Sarah moved to Mumbai and became the neighbor of Arjun. She finds Arjun amusing and gets attracted towards him. Sarah is amazed to see the most dreaded goons of the city bow in front of him with respect. This increases her curiosity about Arjun and she becomes keen to see him fight and is intrigued. Sensing Sarah’s thoughts and with the risk of losing focus in life, he maintains a distance and tries to keep away. But fate had other plans for them. His ignorance adds fuel to fire and Sarah falls in Love with him. Arjun doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. Arjun’s past doesn’t give him permission to fall in love. When Sarah comes to know about his past, she further falls in deep love with him.

    Angry Young Man is thrilling and mysterious journey of a guy who’s every breath was filled with revenge. But the Love remains unknown the Revenge remains unknown, Enemy remains unknown. Hold your breath while the mystery unfolds itself before you. Angry Young Man is directed by Ramesh Rout and Produced by Vijay Sinh Rathod. Music Presents by Amjad – Nadeem and Mikey McClearly, Sound designed by Ajay Dey and Film Edited by Dilip Deo, Actions Scenes Directed by Mahmood Khan, Background Score Aditya Dev and DOP is Handled by Siddharth More.

    Soure : Sachin Murdeshwar