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  • Pre-budget expectation quote- Excess2sell.com

    Published on January 27, 2020

    “At the outset, we would like to commend the Government for the several initiatives it has so far taken to encourage and develop the Start-up ecosystem. As a three-year-old start-up, Excess2sell.com’s phenomenal growth can be attributed to the Govt.’s efforts in consolidating GST with technology, ease of doing business, taxation on start-ups and various policy initiatives. It has allowed and encouraged first-generation entrepreneurs like us to take risks and be part of a developing ecosystem for Indians who always wanted to do something on their own. We look forward to Union Budget 2020 with more focus on reforms, ease of doing business, system cleansing and easing up liquidity for honest tax-payers to spend. With the kind of thrust on technology build-up, easy tax policies and over-all opportunities, our enterprise which focuses on the B2B segment is poised to grow at an even faster rate,” says Mr Rajan Sharma, Founder & CEO, excess2sell.com


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