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  • Friday, May, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:36:43
  • Mr. Manish Rathi, Founder & CEO, IntrCity:

    “The intercity mobility segment has seen a consistent month-on-month growth after the 2nd wave. The third wave’s influence has been felt, and some trip plans have been postponed, particularly in states with higher levels of dispersion. The silver lining for next year is that, because of the government of India’s rapid vaccination effort, travellers are confident in travelling to locations, and the industry is looking forward to normalcy as COVID daily cases reduce again.

    We are hopeful that in the forthcoming budget, stronger infrastructure initiatives will be incorporated into the National Infrastructure Pipeline. The mobility needs of smart cities will lead to the next wave of inter-city mobility growth and enable smooth connectivity with the nearest metro city, besides connectivity between those cities. Better multiple boarding infrastructure in the city connected to SmartBus and digital booking will drive this growth and power the economic growth of these cities.

    2021 was a pivotal event in the transition to electric mobility within the intracity segment. The government should implement a few more favorable regulations to boost green mobility. Additional policy impetus should be provided for all forms of green fuel and their enablement for inter-city mobility: batteries with longer distance capability to power EVs, charging infrastructure, and highway CNG stations.

    Besides, they should also monitor the implementation of the All-India Tourist Permit for Commercial Vehicles, ensuring that it is accepted by all state RTOs.”


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