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  • Pre-Budget Quotes PureCircle–World’s largest manufacturer and innovator of Stevia Natural Sweetener.(Food and Beverage Industry)

    Published on June 27, 2019

    Mr. Navneet Singh, VP Asia Pacific, PureCircle

    “With New Government’s vision of Ayushman Bharat and doubling farmer’s income, we expect Union Budget 2019 to introduce supportive reforms and policies to promote the promising health, wellness and F&B space in the country.


    We seek more support from the government to give a fair chance to healthy innovations taking place in the Food and Beverage space that can disrupt farmer’s income, consumer health, and environment at large. More agriculture reforms and positive farming steps will further increase the supply and the quality of the raw materials and ingredients, impacting the F&B industry and the growing consumer sentiments for healthy F&B products.


    Stevia as a zero calorie natural sweetener has a huge potential to create healthier low/no calorie Indian Food and Beverage products. It can also become a big relief and income multiplier to the sugar cane farmers who are struggling for alternate income sources. Stevia is taxed at 0% in Canada, USA, and Indonesia but in India, it is being taxed 18% under the category of glycosides while sugar is under 5% GST. National Medicinal Plant Board (NMPB) is aggressively working to promote cultivation of medicinal plants under National AYUSH Mission (NAM). Stevia is a priority plant for cultivation listed by NMPB. We have high hopes from the Government, as exempting Stevia from GST will not only open a plethora of healthy F&B product launches in India but will also support sugarcane and other farmers to quadruple their income with Stevia.


    We look forward to seeing more GST redemption for Stevia natural sweeteners, R&D infrastructure for Stevia, favorable policies and budget allotment for Stevia cultivation, to promote and support F&B industry in disrupting healthy food and beverage products for consumers.”


    Mr. Navneet Singh is Vice President Asia Pacific and Head of South Asia region at PureCircle, world’s largest and fast growing stevia sweetener and flavor Company.A veteran marketer and global business strategist with deep rooted experience in cultural, economic & social affairs in Asia, Europe & Americas, Navneet iscurrently playing a major role in establishing the South Asia operations for PureCircle.