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Prega News Celebrates Mother’s Day with #CoolHaiMeriMaa Campaign

To celebrate and honour the symbol of love this Mother’s Day, Mankind Pharma’s pregnancy detection card brand Prega News has launched the #CoolHaiMeriMaa campaign. The campaign reiterates that a mother’s confidence in a child helps the child progress and succeed in life. With the evolving times, the relationship the mother shared with their kids has also evolved. They exactly know where to draw lines and at same time be their guiding light. The #CoolHaiMeriMaa campaign by Prega News is an initiative to appreciate their will of standing tall and smiling for their children and guiding them in the toughest of tough situations.

The video campaign showcases a beautiful relationship between a mother and a son. The video narrates a series of instances where the mother has stood by and supported her son at various junctures of his life.  She has always given him life lessons that have helped him choose the right path. The campaign brings out fun and cheerful moments between the duo that they have experienced through their life, while growing up and ageing together.     

Speaking on the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, General Manager, Sales & Marketing of Mankind Pharma said, ‘The #CoolHaiMeriMaa campaign is an attempt to showcase the journey of mothers who are caregivers and work relentlessly to ensure in paving the road to a better tomorrow for their kids.

Through this campaign we recognize and pay a tribute to all the moms in the world for the role they play in their kids’ lives and express gratitude for teaching children the virtues of patience, resilience, and courage and highlight how these values are helping them in their personal and professional lives.”

Prega News is No.1 brand (as per IQVIA, Sept 2020) in home pregnancy test kit and holds over 80% of the market share. Over the years Prega News has played a role in bringing joy and smiles on the faces of moms-to-be and through this campaign is an initiative to salute these unsung heroes.

The campaign #CoolHaiMeriMaa will run on the YouTube channel and all social media profiles of Prega News so that the maximum number of mothers will be aware about the campaign

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