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  • Press Information September 13, 2023 MBRDI’s 5-Year Clean Green Nandi Project Enhances Biodiversity, Clears 46,000 Kgs of Waste

    Published on September 13, 2023

     Bengaluru  – Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Pvt Ltd  today announced the successful completion of its ‘Clean Green Nandi’ project, a five-year initiative aimed at restoring the natural splendour of Nandi Hills, Bengaluru, in addition to helping enhance the livelihoods of the local community.

    Initiated in 2018, the project was in response to the heightened tourist footfall at the hills, which led to pressing issues of pollution, soil erosion and deforestation resulting in drying up of life-sustaining rivers and the accumulation of plastic waste in the area. Scientifically approached through a topological survey and a holistic study, MBRDI undertook efforts to restore water bodies, set up waste collection infrastructure, influence visitor behaviour and protect the biodiversity of Nandi Hills. MBRDI’s sustained efforts have resulted in the collection and management of 46,000 Kgs of waste, 85 Lakh litres of pooled water, construction of 11 check dams and a 3% reduction in plastic generation.

    “At MBRDI, we integrate sustainability into every facet of our operations. Aligned with the global sustainability agenda of Mercedes-Benz, our endeavours aim to create a positive influence on the lives of local communities and the surrounding environment. The ‘Clean Green Nandi’ project is an exemplary demonstration of our dedication to advancing environmental sustainability and fostering social cohesion,” said Shweta Pandey, Vice President and General Counsel, MBRDI.

    Integrating employee volunteering into the project, over 500 MBRDI employees clocked in close to 5,000 volunteering hours conducting tree plantations and clean-up drives, further restoring the natural balance of the hills.

    Empowering Sustainable Livelihoods and Preserving Heritage

    MBRDI undertook a 45-day training program for local women, teaching them innovative ways to transform uprooted Lantana stems into eco-friendly household products. The project cleared 60 acres of Lantana, an invasive weed that poses a critical threat to biodiversity and empowered women to earn sustainable livelihoods through a Self-Help Group.

    In tandem with the ecological efforts, MBRDI also engaged in the conservation and protection of cultural heritage at Nandi Hills. The restoration of the Armory at the hilltop, creation of

    accessible pathways and the installation of informative boards have enhanced visitor awareness about the historical significance of the location.

    In line with global ambitions, sustainability is a crucial driver of business strategy at MBRDI.  Corporate Social Responsibility efforts are centred around the pillars of Sustainable Mobility and Environmental Sustainability with a clear focus on creating value that is sustainable – economically, ecologically, and socially.


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